We’re always keen to bang on about our green beliefs and credentials at APT. If there is a way of doing something better, smarter and cleaner we’re all for it. Our cleaning chemicals have all been developed with the customer in mind, using the highest quality products balanced with cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Why would you not be interested in continually improving your methods?

Ultrasonic cleaning has long been recognised as an effective and environmentally sound way of cleaning and here are four reasons why you should be using it.

1.  Ultrasonic and Ultra Friendly to the Environment

Ultrasonic cleaning fluids utilise some of the more effective ecological ingredients and alternatives to what you would find in more conventional industrial cleaning solvents. Not only will you be using cleaning solutions which are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and offer employees who are handling them a safer environment in which to work.

2.  Ultrafast Cleaning Times

If you are using conventional industrial cleaning solvents you might find that the period of time it takes to be completely effective could be quite lengthy. An ultrasonic cleaning cycle should only take around ten minutes to complete, depending on the type and size of area you are cleaning. Despite the shorter than average length of cleaning time and ultrasonic clean provides consistently high quality results.

3.  Ultra efficient in Cleaning all Areas

Ultrasonic cleaning methods are ideal for the hard to reach and delicate areas that require a deep clean. Microscopic bubbles created by the ultrasonic will reach into the most hard to find areas and penetrate deep into every surface, corner and hard to clean areas. It does so with ease and in sensitive sectors such as health and medicine it can be fantastic to guarantee the deepest clean of medical instruments that require it without becoming damaged in the process.

4.  Ultra Flexible to All Industries

The nature of ultrasonic cleaning methods and fluids ensures that it is easily transferable to many different industries. Whether you require deep cleaning in a medical setting, as discussed, an industrial or engineering environment, or to clean fine and delicate jewellery and small mechanical parts ultrasonic cleaning is fast, efficient and flexible.

We’re sure you’re now completely convinced about ultrasonic cleaning. Why not take a look at the section on our online store where you can find a wide selection of industrial ultrasonic cleaning fluids. All of our products have been highly tested and developed to meet strict legal requirements and specifications.

Our expert team are here to offer advice and guidance, so no matter your industry or specific cleaning requirements we’ll have the right cleaning solution for you.
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