At APT, our commitment to the environment is unwavering. We are fully dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint and embracing sustainability. Our focus extends to both the safety of our employees and the well-being of our surroundings.

Through our dedication to providing sustainable cleaning products and solutions, we contribute to the growth of our customers while ensuring the safety of their environments.

Our range of neat cleaning options, non-toxic cleaning products, and cleaning refills exemplify our determination to make a positive impact on both your space and the planet.


APT is proactive when it comes to finding quality ingredients for our sustainable cleaning products. Our consultant chemists strive to develop products that have minimal environmental impact.

Our team ensures that the raw materials they use are the best and the safest for the environment and people. Most of our commercial cleaning products are biodegradable, highly concentrated, and friendlier to the environment. Their eco-friendly benefits don’t compromise their cleaning abilities.

Our products are compounded to conform to British Standards and UK government regulations. Many of our products also hold ISO accreditation, further validating their excellence. They are made in the UK and use quality ingredients to uphold our commitment to greener and effective cleaning solutions.


Our commitment to sustainable cleaning products includes ethical considerations. We do not conduct any animal testing. We actively strive to eliminate raw materials that could harm the environment or fail to meet legislative requirements.

Our primary goal is to develop environmentally sound commercial cleaning products that do not compromise on performance. Our formulas incorporate sustainable natural resources like corn starch and natural alcohols.

In line with our commitment to quality, we adhere to a strict Quality Control policy that aligns with ISO 9001 standards. This ensures that our neat cleaning products, including non-toxic cleaning products and cleaning refills, uphold the highest standards of efficacy, safety, and environmental responsibility.


We’re committed to delivering more than just effective cleaning solutions – we’re dedicated to sustainability. Our focus on environmental responsibility is evident in every aspect of our operations, including our choice of packaging for our sustainable cleaning products.

Our packaging is carefully crafted from recyclable plastic, showcasing our commitment to minimising waste and promoting responsible material usage. Furthermore, our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint is underscored by our use of 100% recycled cardboard cartons for shipping purposes.

As part of our Neat Cleaning initiative, we wholeheartedly encourage our customers to embrace reusable trigger bottles. This two-fold approach not only offers cost savings but also actively contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in landfills.

At APT, our eco-friendly packaging choices reflect our unwavering commitment to providing sustainable cleaning solutions that make a positive impact on both cleanliness and the environment.


We take the concept of sustainability seriously in every step of our process, including the dispatch of our sustainable cleaning products. When it comes to shipping our industrial cleaning supplies, we prioritise efficiency and environmental responsibility.

We make it a point to ship full consignments whenever possible, effectively maximising available space and significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Additionally, our commitment to minimising environmental impact extends to the form in which we ship our products.

By sending them in concentrate form, we significantly decrease the volume and weight of each shipment. This approach not only helps reduce transportation-related emissions but also exemplifies our dedication to providing eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality.

Every step we take in our dispatch process aligns with our mission of offering sustainable cleaning products that prioritise both cleanliness and environmental stewardship.


We understand that our commitment to sustainable cleaning products goes beyond just our own efforts. Our ethos of environmental responsibility extends to our partner relationships as well. Collaborating closely with our distributor base, we actively promote environmental awareness, safer working practices, and effective dilution control.

By working together, we aim to create a collective impact that reaches beyond our immediate operations. We focus on enhancing the efficiency of organisations through streamlined supply chain processes, ensuring robust information security, and fostering best practice communications.

These collaborative efforts not only contribute to reducing costs for our partners but also play a significant role in minimising the environmental footprint associated with cleaning products.

With APT as your partner, you can trust that our commitment to sustainability extends throughout our network, ensuring a greener future for all.


Our commitment to sustainable cleaning products extends beyond just the products themselves. We understand that building a greener future requires a strong foundation, which is why we focus on developing not only innovative eco-friendly products but also a sustainable infrastructure.

Our aim is to create a holistic approach to sustainability by integrating green practices into every aspect of our operations.

By continuously improving our products, processes, and company infrastructure, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our commitment to sustainable cleaning products remains at the core of everything we do.


APT’s dedication to sustainable cleaning products extends to leveraging technology. Our advanced e-commerce platform offers downloadable resources and tools, empowering customers with knowledge about our offerings. Educational materials and training on industrial cleaning chemicals further enhance understanding.


We encourage eco-friendly commuting, advocating carpooling and public transit for our employees. Our delivery fleet is consistently modernized, featuring cutting-edge designs and fuel-efficient engines that reduce emissions.

Sales personnel contribute to our green initiative by utilising hybrid company cars, reflecting our dedication to environmentally responsible transportation practices.


Our facilities use efficient lighting, automated heating systems, and motion sensors in order to decrease our energy consumption while making professional cleaning products.


It is important for a company to control its water usage in making cleaning chemicals. We reduce our water consumption through an advanced wastewater treatment systems that allow us to reuse water and decrease the amount of wastewater discharge.


Cardboard and plastic wrapping are baled and recycled. APT also recycles drums, pallets, fibreboard, cardboard, aluminium cans, computers and water bottles. Each office within the facilities has recycling bins.