At APT, we offer a wide range of highly effective sanitising wipes to ensure the safety and well-being of your staff, customers, and patients. Our sanitising wipes are widely recognised and trusted, including being used by the NHS, Metropolitan Police, RSPCA, Amazon, Glebe Healthcare, and many more esteemed organisations.

Our sanitising wipes have undergone rigorous testing and accreditation to meet the highest standards of hygiene. The same approved to British Standards EN1276, EN14776, EN1500, and EN1650 & ISO accredited demonstrating their effectiveness in killing enveloped viruses and eliminating harmful germs.

These antiviral wipes are designed for convenient and efficient use, providing a quick and reliable solution for disinfecting surfaces and maintaining a hygienic environment. Whether you need to sanitise hands, wipe down surfaces, or clean equipment, our sanitising wipes are the ideal choice.


APT sanitising wipes are hospital grade and made of premium grade lint-free cloth, ensuring their strength and effectiveness in killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria, including enveloped viruses. Our wide range of sanitising wipes includes anti-viral wipes, alcohol surface wipes, multipurpose disinfectant wipes, and antibacterial hand wipes. These versatile wipes are suitable for both hand hygiene and surface cleaning, providing comprehensive protection against germs.

Choose APT sanitising wipes to safeguard your premises and promote a hygienic environment. With our commitment to quality and safety, you can trust that our wipes deliver exceptional results. Join numerous businesses and organisations, including the Novotel, Morrisons, BBC Studios & others who rely on APT for their sanitisation needs.

Explore our extensive range of sanitising wipes and conveniently order online today. For expert advice on selecting the right sanitising wipes for your specific requirements, contact our knowledgeable team. Stay proactive in preventing the spread of infections with APT sanitising wipes.

APT offers a comprehensive range of antibacterial wipes designed to meet your sanitisation needs. Our collection includes:

Alcohol Wipes: Available in convenient packs of 12 tubs, each containing 200 wipes, these alcohol sanitising wipes effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and provide an extra layer of protection.

Alcohol Sanitising Wipes: Choose from packs of 70 and 120 wipes, providing a quick and efficient solution for sanitising hands and surfaces.

Antiviral Hand Wipes: Available in packs of 70 and 120 wipes, these wipes offer superior antiviral properties for added reassurance.

As the trusted supplier of antibacterial wipes in the UK, APT has served numerous businesses, both large and small, across the country. Whether you require disinfectant wipes for healthcare facilities, offices, retail establishments, or other industries, our high-quality products ensure effective sanitisation and peace of mind.

Discover the convenience and reliability of APT antibacterial wipes by placing your order today. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated team is here to help. Trust APT as your go-to supplier for disinfectant wipes and keep your environment clean and protected.
Tested and Manufactured to Standards: Our sanitising wipes are rigorously tested and manufactured to meet EN1276, EN14776, EN1500, and EN1650 standards, ensuring their effectiveness and reliability.

Biodegradable: We prioritize environmental sustainability by offering biodegradable wipes that minimize ecological impact.

Maximum Protection: Our wipes are designed to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, providing you with maximum protection against germs and infections.

Effective in Seconds: With our fast-acting formula, our sanitising wipes offer effective results within seconds, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning and disinfection.

Safe on all Surfaces: You can trust our wipes to be safe on all surfaces, including delicate materials, without causing damage or leaving residue.

pH Balanced: Our wipes are pH balanced to ensure gentle yet effective cleaning, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Paraben Free: We prioritize your well-being by offering paraben-free wipes, reducing the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Dermatologically Tested: Our wipes are dermatologically tested for skin compatibility, ensuring they are safe and gentle for use on hands and other body parts.

Alcohol and Alcohol-Free Formulas: Choose from our range of wipes available in both alcohol and alcohol-free formulas, catering to different preferences and needs.

Resealable Packaging: To prevent cross-contamination and drying out, our wipes come in resealable packaging, maintaining their freshness and efficacy.

Premium Grade Wipes: Our wipes are made of premium grade materials, ensuring strength and durability for effective cleaning and disinfection.

Big Size: With a generous size of 16cm x 18cm, our wipes efficiently cover larger surfaces, making them ideal for various cleaning applications.

Our alcohol sanitising wipes contain 70% alcohol, making them perfect for multipurpose use in all work environments. They are formulated to rapidly kill 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria. These fast-drying wipes require minimal waiting time when cleaning surfaces and can be used on hands and various surfaces.

Sani Wipes are especially effective in reducing the risk of infection, surpassing what reusable cloths can achieve. They are ideal for high-traffic areas that require constant surface wiping and hand sanitisation. Dermatologically tested, these multipurpose wipes can be safely used on hands and surfaces.

Our lightweight packaging allows for easy storage in vehicles, desks, and bags. Whether you need single packs or bulk quantities, our range of antibacterial and disinfecting wipes is available to suit your requirements.

From sanitising frequently touched surfaces like door handles, steering wheels, and elevator buttons to disinfecting desks, keyboards, and kitchen surfaces, regular use of our wipes helps maintain a clean and hygienic environment. They are also recommended for wiping down packaged items purchased in cafeterias and shops before consumption.


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"As wipes go these are the cream of the crop. Used in hospitals throughout the world. Very handy, incredibly durable and large. Scent is medical, as one would expect. If ever anyone is ill in our house these wipes are the go to."
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"I have been using these wipes on door handles, light switches and hand rails. They have been very useful because of all the winter bugs. Hopefully they have stopped the spread. They a great consistency."
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"These wipes are brilliant. They are really moist and bigger than loads other wipes. Use them for my cpap machine and face mask. Bought another five packets, great price now. We use in the shop on all surfaces and have for clients too!"
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"The thickness is crazy and the amount of liquid one wipe has in it, one can literally be assured about hygiene when wiping anything. I have OCD so I use a lot of wipes a day, especially with deliveries that come. It’s very reassuring using this compared to any anti-bacterial wipes."
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"This product is actually used by the NHS for cleaning mattresses and pillows as well as surfaces to prevent the spread of infection. Ideal for any surface and hands."
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"I have to clean equipment few times a day, I found this product perfect for my needs. Keeps the moisture, does not dry straight away, big size of wipes and the good packaging keep the liquid inside no leaking away in my bag."


Whether for personal use or bulk orders for your office, business, or facility, APT is a trusted industry leader committed to providing environmentally safe cleaning solutions and effective infection control.

Keep your hands and surfaces sanitised and disinfected throughout the day with our alcohol and antibacterial wipes that kill 99.9% of bacteria. Choose APT for quick and effective cleaning solutions that prioritise your safety and well-being.

Place your order today or, for help choosing the right product, get in touch on 0800 0723 773.