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This is something we are looking into full time. At the moment, we can schedule regular orders for our clients as per their request. Please contact sales@apt-icc.co.uk and we can organise this for you. 

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Our Products

100%. Industry-standard laboratory testing and analysis, along with EU standard approval concluded that APT products are environmentally safe and perform better than comparable products on the market. 

Yes. Most of our products are tested and approved to BS EN Standards. 

Yes, APT products are safe when used in compliance with their instructions. They’re environmentally safe and biodegradable. 

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No. APT do not sell products in countries requiring testing on animals.

No. Our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients. 

Yes. APT’s specialist chemists allow us to use lower levels of added chemicals when compared with high street brands. 

Shipping & Returns

Please contact us on sales@apt-icc.co.uk or 0800 723 3773 or track your order through your account. 

All orders over £100 receive free standard delivery to UK mainland. Other delivery charges are calculated at checkout. 

Yes. Login to your account and track your order there. 


Most of our products are super-concentrated, meaning that we use lower levels of added chemicals (meaning less production and transportation), we do not ship water cross-country. Our products come in reusable containers and use less packaging. Our products contain environmentally-safe ingredients that are biodegradable. Less product means more usage and more packs on each truck. Delivery to your door gives you one less reason to drive to purchase product too!

Yes, all of our products are vegan and we do not test on animals. 

APT’s products are manufactured to be safe for humans, pets/wildlife and the planet. We use eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients in most of our products (excluding some which are clearly labelled). 

All ingredients used in our super-concentrated range of products are fully biodegradable & eco-friendly. Our aim is to prevent ocean pollution, conserve biodiversity in our oceans and protect marine life from further damage.

Brand & Services

Yes. Our subsidiary, APT-ICC provide specialised industrial and commercial cleaning services for organisations throughout the UK.

For more information, visit their website – https://www.apt-icc.co.uk

Wholesale & Distributor

Please contact our team at sales@apt-ic.co.uk


Yes, our bottles and containers are made from recyclable plastic. 

Items can be stored in a usual cleaning cupboard or stores. Each products has recommended storage conditions mentioned clearly on the label.

Yes, feel free to return your used containers to us for recycling. However, you shouldn’t need to since you as you can keep refilling the bottle with the cleaning fluids and adding water.


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Not yet, we’re working on it!

Not yet, we’re working on it!