APT have been supplying Chemical Cleaning Materials for 30 years. Our general repairs products are made to make your life as a buyer easier and faster. Our range general repair cleaning materials into one place. Less admin, less hassle and great for the budget. Companies like Liberty Steel, BAE Systems, Norma, and Smurfit Kappa have placed their trust in our cleaning materials and products. 


Repairing industrial and engineering equipment comes with its fair share of challenges. A leaky pipe? A wiring harness accidentally dislodged by a fork lift truck? A seal that just won’t stay in place? A seized nut and bolt? These are all common issues in the world of maintenance and repair.

At APT, we understand that your maintenance team needs reliable materials on hand to address these repair situations efficiently. We’re here to simplify your procurement process by offering a one-stop solution for your general repair materials and cleaning materials needs. Say goodbye to administrative headaches and budget concerns.

In this section, you’ll discover a wide range of cleaning materials and general repair supplies designed to help your maintenance team overcome various challenges. These products are engineered to deliver exceptional performance when you need it most. We’re proud to present:

Solvent Cleaners: Our solvent cleaners are your go-to solution for degreasing and cleaning surfaces effectively, ensuring a pristine foundation for your repairs.

Lubricating Oils: Keep your machinery running smoothly with our high-quality lubricating oils that prevent friction and wear, extending the life of your equipment.

Alloy Cleaners: Restore the shine and integrity of alloy surfaces with our specially formulated alloy cleaners, designed to remove tarnish and corrosion.

Aluminium Cleaners: Say goodbye to stubborn stains and oxidation on aluminum surfaces with our powerful aluminium cleaners.

Ultrasonic Cleaners: For precision cleaning, our ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for removing contaminants from delicate and intricate parts.

When you buy any APT product, you are buying into over quarter of a century’s worth of experience.

You have free access to a team of experts who will offer help and advice.
  • Convenience: Source all your general repair materials from one place, streamlining your procurement process and saving valuable time.

  • Reliability: Our products are engineered to excel where others may fail, ensuring that your repairs are completed effectively and efficiently.

  • Versatility: From adhesive solutions that bond when others won’t to pipe freezing equipment that works like a charm, we have a diverse range of materials to meet your repair needs.

  • Budget-Friendly: Our competitive prices make it easier to stick to your budget while still obtaining top-quality materials.

Equipping your maintenance team with APT’s cleaning materials and general repair supplies empowers them to tackle a wide range of repair challenges with confidence. These essential materials, used in conjunction with their resourcefulness, will help your team maintain industrial and engineering works smoothly.


Discover the convenience of sourcing all your cleaning materials and general repair supplies from APT. Experience fewer administrative hassles and greater budget flexibility while ensuring your repairs last. Trust in APT for your maintenance and repair needs.

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