APT industrial cleaning products are not only affordable and highly effective, they are also environmentally friendly. Because of their high concentration, most chemicals work out at 0.05p per litre.

Industrial cleaning products and supplies are crucial for any business – but especially so for commercial and industrial ones.  At APT, we’ve been developing eco friendly industrial cleaning products and cleaning chemicals for over 30 years. Our industrial-strength cleaning products effortlessly cut through grease, dirt, grime and stains without the need for excessive scrubbing.

Unlike janitorial products, our industrial strength degreasers, floor cleaners and unblockers have been specially designed for the sector – guaranteeing top results time after time. Not only does this keep your building looking spotless, but it ensures compliance with HSE guidelines.

All our industrial cleaning products are completely bio-degradable and eco-friendly, using raw materials that are safe for the environment and people. Powerful and eco-friendly don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Simply add water to our super-concentrated commercial and industrial cleaning products and see for yourself the powerful cleaning abilities.

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At APT, we believe that effective industrial cleaning and environmentally safe materials go hand in hand. With 30 years in the industry, we’ve been creating super-concentrated, environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products that keep your premises spotless.

Our commercial and industrial cleaning supplies have been designed for use in factories, aerospace companies, and food manufacturing plants. Due to their impeccable cleaning abilities, we’re also trusted in the healthcare and transportation sectors.

But we don’t just sell eco-friendly, affordable products. We’re here to help too.

Our client-centric approach means we’re always on hand to offer expert advice, guidance and support to help you get your business looking spotless and your equipment operating efficiently. If you’re not sure what cleaning products would work best for you, speak with our technical team. They’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Should you require an industrial cleaning company, our sister company, APT-ICC specialises in commercial and industrial cleaning – which is why we’re the preferred supplier for over 6,000 businesses in the UK and Europe.

“The graffiti removal kit bought from APT was very effective at removing graffiti from the shopping centre. I would recommend the company for a first-class customer service”
– CM Sanders

For help choosing the right industrial cleaning supplies, get in touch on 0800 0723 773 or fill out our simple contact form to speak with our team of experts. Order before noon for next-day delivery. And if you’re not completely satisfied? Simply return the product to us thanks to our quibble-free returns policy.


Industrial cleaning products are a world away from regular household cleaning supplies. Which is why they’re capable of heavy-duty tasks. Whether you need to break through tough oil stains, descale metal surfaces or unblock drains, you’ll need our industrial cleaning products to tackle the task at hand.

Just some tasks you can achieve with our industrial cleaning products include:

Products such as heavy-duty degreasers are vital in many industries. Here at APT, our range of specialist industrial cleaning supplies use highly effective chemical formulas to ensure all water-insoluble substances are effortlessly removed.

For example, one of the active ingredients in our eco-friendly industrial cleaners is Citracleanse.  Citracleanse is a citrus cleaner and degreaser that’s highly active, super concentrated, and safe to use on machinery and hard surfaces.

Depending on your degreasing needs, at APT we have a range of degreasers suitable for machine cleaning, floor cleaning, and general surface preparation.

Whether you’re looking for industrial floor cleaning supplies or a heavy-duty degreaser, you can be confident that our industrial cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly, safe, and affordable.

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, eco-friendly products that get the job done. This is why you’ll find all of our products come in super-concentrated formulas that’ll last you months.

This is beneficial for many reasons:

  • They’re easier to store – As well as lasting longer, our products take up less room in storage.
  • They help you keep your carbon footprint low – By offering super-concentrated formulas, we’re able to use less packaging, reduce our water usage and fit more of our products in one van. All of which help us keep our carbon footprint as low as it can be.
  • They reduce plastic waste – We’ve saved 905,000 tonnes of plastic due to using recyclables and super-concentrated products.
  • They’re affordable – Our products help you to keep costs down. With most chemicals costing just 0.05p per litre, it pays to go green.
  • They save you time – Depending on how often you use your industrial cleaning supplies, our concentrates could last you months or years. So, you’ll spend less time ordering replacements and more time doing the things that matter most. With us, you can simply stock up and forget.

Read more about the benefits of our products.

When you buy ready-to-use products off the shelf, if you check the back of the bottles, you’re normally just buying water.

As all our products come in super-concentrated formulas, it means that you’re buying ultra-powerful cleaner – and nothing else.

Our super-concentrated products contain powerful, active ingredients and are designed to be diluted at the source. Simply pop some product into a mop bucket or similar vessel and add water – then you’re good to go.

Yes! It’s a myth that eco-friendly products aren’t as good at cleaning.

There’s no evidence to suggest that eco-friendly cleaning products are any less effective than the harsh alternatives.

In fact, some biodegradable cleaners are better at cleaning as the risk of surface damage is far less.

No, they’re not.

Being Eco-friendly doesn’t automatically mean expensive. On average our customers save £6.58 per product they buy from us compared to high street brands.

Right here. If you’re looking for affordable industrial cleaning supplies in the UK, you’ve come to the right place.

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