With over 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning chemical industry, APT bring you a comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaning products. Our ultrasonic cleaning fluid and cleaning solutions are specially formulated to be used in ultrasonic cleaning baths or parts washers, providing you with efficient and effective cleaning results.

Our ultrasonic cleaner solutions are not only powerful but also eco-friendly and biodegradable. We understand the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility, which is why we have developed cleaning solutions that are safe for both the environment and your equipment during the cleaning process. Rest assured, our ultrasonic cleaner solutions do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives.

Our ultrasonic cleaner solutions are trusted by industry leaders like Balfour Beatty, BAE Systems, and Tarmac. These companies rely on our products for exceptional cleaning results and operational efficiency.


APT offers a comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaning solutions suitable for a variety of applications. Our Ultramax range can be used in degreasers and ultrasonic cleaning tank and parts washer systems, providing thorough cleaning and degreasing of components. We also offer three ultrasonic solvent cleaning and degreasing formulas and five concentrated ultrasonic aqueous cleaner and degreaser solutions, catering to different ultrasonic cleaning operations.

Sectors where our ultrasonic cleaner solutions are used:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Transport
  • Aerospace
  • Weapons parts cleaning
  • Medical services
  • Medical equipment parts cleaning and sanitizing
  • Light engineering components degreasing

In addition, our range includes specialized solutions for specific challenges. For instance, our citrus solvent degreaser is ideal for industrial degreasing tasks, effectively removing various grease types, as well as stubborn bitumen, tar, and glue residues. We take pride in delivering the best results with our industrial solvent or aqueous degreasers, which have undergone extensive research to ensure their effectiveness. Our tests have shown that our eco-friendly degreasers, such as those derived from naturally derived citrus oils.

Types of contaminants our ultrasonic cleaner solutions remove:

  • Dirt and grime
  • Diesel oil
  • Food oils
  • Grease and greasy residues
  • Bitumen
  • Tar
  • Glue and adhesives

Moreover, many of our concentrated aqueous degreasers are safe for use in the engineering, food processing, and medical industries. These powerful yet versatile products not only degrease but also clean and sanitize most hard surfaces, effectively killing a broad range of bacteria. As our products are highly concentrated, you can be confident that you are not paying for excess water in the shipping process, making them cost-effective solutions.

Choose APT for advanced ultrasonic cleaner solutions that provide superior degreasing and cleaning performance. With our continuous research and development, commitment to quality formulations, and versatile range of products, you can trust us to meet your degreasing needs effectively and efficiently. Experience the power of our eco-friendly solutions and achieve exceptional results in your cleaning processes.

At APT, we prioritize safety, especially when it comes to cleaning solutions that come into contact with food. Our ultrasonic cleaner solutions are food safe, making them ideal for cleaning items such as kitchen utensils, food processing equipment, and other surfaces involved in food preparation. We understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in food-related environments, which is why our solutions are designed to effectively remove dirt, grease, oils, and other contaminants.

Our range of ultrasonic cleaning products includes a variety of ultrasonic cleaning fluids and solutions, each formulated to address specific cleaning needs. Whether you require a gentle cleaner for delicate items, a precise solution for precision parts, or a robust formula for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, we have the right solution for you. Our ultrasonic cleaner solutions are carefully crafted to cater to the diverse needs of different industries and applications.

When it comes to ultrasonic cleaning, quality and performance are paramount. That’s why our ultrasonic cleaner solutions undergo meticulous formulation and rigorous testing to ensure optimal cleaning results. You can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of our products, knowing that they meet the highest industry standards. With our ultrasonic cleaner solutions, you can achieve a deep and thorough clean, leaving your items looking and feeling like new.

Experience the power of ultrasonic cleaning with APT’s ultrasonic cleaner solutions. Our products are designed to enhance your cleaning process, making it more efficient and saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you need to clean small parts, delicate items, or large equipment, our ultrasonic cleaner solutions deliver exceptional results. Harness the cutting-edge technology of ultrasonic cleaning and transform your cleaning routine.

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Explore our range of ultrasonic cleaner solutions and unlock the full potential of ultrasonic cleaning. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal product for your specific needs. Trust APT for high-quality, food-safe ultrasonic cleaner solutions that ensure a thorough and hygienic cleaning process. Experience the power and effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning with APT.

Not only do we have a range of industrial degreasers but also degreasers suitable for use in the food industry. We know how important it is to use the right ultrasonic bath fluid on the right surface. The wrong product can damage surfaces costing thousands of pounds to replace.

Buy your ultrasonic cleaning fluid online now or talk to our team of specialists for advice on buying the best products for your applications.

At APT, we take pride in manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning solutions that utilize the highest quality and most effective ecological ingredients. Our concentrated aqueous cleaners, solvent degreasers, and cleaning solvents are all formulated and tested to meet current legislation.

We understand the importance of delivering advanced degreasing formulations that provide exceptional cleaning performance while adhering to environmental standards. With our products, you can expect powerful degreasing action that meets the highest industry standards.


Explore our range of ultrasonic cleaner solutions today and discover the perfect cleaning solution for your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right product, our knowledgeable team is here to help. Trust APT for high-quality ultrasonic cleaner solutions that deliver exceptional cleaning performance.

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