Our high-quality solvent-based degreasers are specifically designed for professional engine degreasing and engine bay cleaning. With a focus on eco-friendliness and non-toxicity, our engine degreasers offer a safe and effective solution to remove stubborn oils, grease, and dirt deposits. Whether you’re in a garage, automotive workshop, or the engineering industry, APT has the best degreaser for engines to meet your needs.

Say goodbye to the hassle of using pressure washers that can potentially damage your engine. With APT’s engine degreasers, you can achieve a thorough clean without compromising the integrity of your engine and its components. Our engine cleaner products are formulated to provide superior cleaning power, ensuring that all ingrained automotive oils, grease, and dirt are effectively removed, leaving your engine and engine bay looking pristine.

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As you are no doubt aware, there is a lot of debate about the best way to clean degrease engines and engine bays. Solvent based engine degreasers allow you to clean your engine and engine bay without the use of a potentially damaging pressure washer. If you are looking for a high quality engine degreaser that will make light work of your engine bay cleaning then you have arrived in the right place! Our range of engine degreasers will remove all ingrained automotive oils, grease and dirt deposits leaving you with a clean engine and engine bay.

A clean engine means that, during maintenance or repairs, there is less chance of contamination entering areas where it can cause damage. This ensures the longevity of your engine and components. For the stubborn carbonised deposits such as those found in carburettors and EGR valves, you will find a spray-on carburettor cleaner in the APT range. Its precision applicator allows you to carry out effective and rapid spot cleaning, minimising wastage and saving money.

Maintaining your car engine’s optimal performance starts with a clean engine bay, and our extensive collection of engine cleaners offers a solution for every need. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn oil, grease, or dirt accumulated over time, our solvent-based and water-based options ensure a thorough clean. Our petroleum-based and water-based degreasers, including the heavy-duty Oil Eater, effectively eliminate even the toughest residues, without compromising your components.

The process is made effortless with our user-friendly spray bottles, providing precise application to plastic covers, the negative terminal, and beyond. Elevate your car engine care with our solvent-based and water-based engine cleaners, leaving your engine bay pristine and your car engine performing at its best.

APT’s fast-acting solvent cleaner, a powerful solution that starts working immediately, saving you valuable time and reducing labour costs. Our formulation contains potent surfactants that effectively emulsify oil and grease, effortlessly lifting stubborn grime and ensuring easier rinsing compared to traditional engine degreasers.

With its low viscosity, our solvent cleaner effortlessly penetrates hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing a more thorough clean for your engine and engine bay. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grease buildup in the tightest spaces.

APT’s engine degreaser, known as Zuko, is also machine compatible, making it suitable for use in parts washers. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple products, saving you money and valuable storage space.

As part of our commitment to the environment, our solvent cleaner is eco-friendly, reducing the reliance on expensive solvent treatment systems. Additionally, it is non-toxic, free from aromatic, cyclic, or chlorinated hydrocarbons, ensuring the safety of your staff and minimizing the need for complex solvent management systems.

Join garages, automotive workshops, and the engineering industry in choosing APT for professional engine and engine bay degreasing. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of our solvent cleaner, designed to meet your toughest cleaning challenges.

It works fast at degreasing all metal parts and components, most plastics and its good for the environment too citrus degreaser will degreaser and clean all workshop parts, engine cleaning, parts washer cleaning and is made from natural orange citrus for extra cleaning power

  • cars
  • buses
  • HGVs and heavy equipment
  • boats
  • motorbikes
  • static engines

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