As winter’s frosty touch envelops the landscape, APT Commercial Chemicals steps forward with an array of indispensable winter essentials that cater to your needs in the most demanding of seasons.

Our commitment to ensuring your safety, convenience, and comfort is reflected in our four distinctive products: Screen Wash Concentrate – Solution 5000, De-Icer Thaw Out, Superior Ice Melter – Ice Break Extreme, and TFR Cleaner – B Force XX. Supporting organisations nationwide for three decades. Our clients include: NHS, Morrisons, Virgin Active, Vue & many more.



  • Commercial grade, premium rapid ice remover
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN FILLERS – 100% pure graded granulated pellets
  • Works 8x faster than rock salt for de-icing
  • Covers 12X the area of rock salt
  • Long Lasting – lasts up to 48 hours
  • Non-corrosive – will not damage concrete, tarmac, metals or floors
  • Non-toxic – will not harm vegetation or animals
  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% soluble & biodegradable-leaves absolutely no mess
  • Effective – works down to -59°F/-21°C and prevents refreezing

Screen Wash Concentrate – Solution 5000: Winter’s Clarity

Winter road conditions can lead to smeared windshields, compromising visibility and safety. Enter our Screen Wash Concentrate – Solution 5000, a true winter essential that ensures crystal-clear clarity despite challenging weather. This remarkable solution provides an optimal blend of cleaning power and frost protection, making sure your windshield remains spotless and ice-free even in the harshest cold.

De-Icer Thaw Out: Defying Winter’s Grasp

Winter mornings often greet us with frozen locks and icy surfaces, impeding our progress. Our De-Icer Thaw Out is the solution to these frigid challenges. Crafted to swiftly and effectively melt ice, this winter essential empowers you to navigate your day without delay or frustration. Say goodbye to the struggle of breaking ice and embrace the ease that De-Icer Thaw Out delivers.

Superior Ice Melter – Ice Break Extreme: Breaking Barriers, Not Bonds

Conventional ice melters often fall short of expectations when faced with stubborn ice formations. Our Superior Ice Melter – Ice Break Extreme transcends these limitations. This winter essential redefines ice removal, working eight times faster than traditional rock salt. With a unique formula that penetrates and severs the bond between ice and ground, Ice Break Extreme ensures your safety and mobility throughout winter.

TFR Cleaner – B Force XX: Winter’s Residue, Banished

As winter progresses, vehicles inevitably accumulate road grime and salt residue. The TFR Cleaner – B Force XX stands as a winter essential designed to rejuvenate your vehicle’s appearance and protect its finish. This powerful formula effortlessly eliminates winter residues, leaving your vehicle looking pristine and safeguarded against the harsh elements.

Comprehensive Solutions: Our winter essentials cover every facet of your winter experience. From maintaining clear visibility to tackling icy surfaces, these products ensure your safety and convenience.

Proven Performance: Backed by years of expertise, our winter essentials have garnered acclaim for their exceptional performance, surpassing ordinary alternatives in efficiency and effectiveness.

Reliability and Trust: APT Commercial Chemicals is synonymous with quality and reliability. We understand the challenges of winter, and our products are meticulously crafted to address your specific needs.

Eco-Friendly Focus: Our commitment extends beyond functionality. Our winter essentials are designed to be environmentally conscious, ensuring your actions align with responsible practices.

When winter’s grip tightens, make APT Commercial Chemicals’ winter essentials your steadfast companions. From the precision of Screen Wash Concentrate – Solution 5000 to the rapid response of De-Icer Thaw Out, the breakthrough performance of Superior Ice Melter – Ice Break Extreme to the transformative power of TFR Cleaner – B Force XX, our products stand ready to redefine your winter experience. Discover the difference that these winter essentials bring to your journey through the cold months.