APT offers a range of powerful and reliable rust remover products designed to tackle rust and limescale build-up on various surfaces. Our rust removal solutions are highly concentrated and trusted by organisations throughout the UK for their exceptional performance. Whether you need to remove rust from metal surfaces or combat rusting in industrial settings and equipment, our anti rust stain removers deliver effective results and dissolves rust on metal objects.

We cater to both individuals and organisations, supplying renowned entities such as Network Rail, Balfour Beatty, and the RAF. At APT, we understand the importance of reliable and effective rust removal solutions. Our rust removers are formulated with the highest quality standards to ensure optimal performance.

By using our rusted metal treatment products, you can effectively combat rust and limescale, extending the lifespan of metal surfaces and equipment. Whether you need an anti-rust spray, rust stain remover, or general-purpose rust cleaner, we have the solution to meet your specific requirements.


Are you facing the challenge of stubborn rust on machinery or surfaces? Don’t let rust compromise the performance of your equipment any longer. With APT’s top-quality rust removers, you can eliminate rust and restore your machinery to optimal functionality.

Our range of rust removal products includes an acid brick cleaner and rust remover, as well as an acid descaler and limescale remover. These highly concentrated solutions are specifically designed to effectively remove rust from metals and stainless steel. Trust in our reliable rust removal products to keep your equipment in top condition and ensure smooth production processes. Say goodbye to rust and hello to enhanced performance with APT’s rust removers.

Phos-Clean: Industrial Strength Rust Remover
Phos-Clean is our industrial strength rust remover, specially formulated to tackle stubborn rust and limescale in industrial settings. This highly concentrated rust treatment solution penetrates deeply into the affected surfaces, effectively dissolving rust and removing limescale build-up. With Phos-Clean, you can restore the appearance and functionality of metal surfaces, ensuring their longevity and durability. Our trusted rust removal solution is a preferred choice in industries where rust and limescale pose challenges, providing reliable protection against corrosion.

Extreme Wash 80: Versatile Rust Cleaner and Inhibitor
Extreme Wash 80 is a concentrated brick cleaner and industrial descaler formulated to remove cement and mortar splashes and clean grime from hard surfaces. Its acid-based formula ensures fast and effective cleaning of concrete slabs, bricks, paving stones, and more. This powerful product also excels at removing mortar stains, limescale deposits, and light rust from metals, plastics, glass, and ceramic tiles. Ideal for builders and construction trades, Extreme Wash 80 can be used to remove concrete and mortar residues from equipment and tools. Trust Extreme Wash 80 for reliable and efficient cleaning results on various surfaces.

When it comes to removing rust and preventing its recurrence, APT has the expertise and reliable products you can count on. Our rust remover products are formulated with rust inhibitors that are low foaming, non-tainting, and quickly biodegradable, ensuring safe and effective cleaning and descaling of water and steam boiler units.

With decades of experience supplying metal rust removers and limescale removers to organizations across the UK, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Our rust removers are specifically designed to combat the challenges of mechanical wear and equipment failure.

Count on APT’s rust remover products to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Whether you’re in an industrial setting or an individual seeking effective rust treatment and prevention, our rust removers have a proven track record. Take the first step towards rust-free surfaces and protect your assets from corrosion with APT’s reliable rust remover solutions.

Versatile and Effective Rust Removers for Multiple Applications

At APT, we understand the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your cleaning processes. That’s why our rust removers are designed to be multipurpose, saving you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple products. Our rust removers are not only effective in removing rust from metal components but also serve as a reliable rust stain remover.

Our rust removers have been trusted and used by companies nationwide for the maintenance and servicing of pipework, mixing equipment, storage units, and various other rusted surfaces. With our unique blend of acids and surfactants, the process of removing rust from stainless steel is made simple. The deep penetration and increased action of our rust removers ensure rapid and thorough rust removal, while also effectively eliminating rust stains.

Choose APT’s rust removers for their versatility and proven performance. Simplify your rust removal processes and achieve rust-free surfaces with our effective solutions.

APT’s rust removal products are suitable for use across various industries and sectors. In the building trade, our rust removers are highly regarded for their ability to swiftly remove rust and stains from brickwork, masonry, and ceramics, ensuring a clean and pristine finish.

Our metal rust removers find applications in a wide range of sectors, including medical and healthcare services, food and beverage facilities (such as commercial kitchens), veterinary clinics, engineering, production, mechanical and industrial factories. They are effective in removing rust from all types of surfaces.

While our rust remover is specially formulated for removing rust from metal and stainless steel, it can also be safely used on other surfaces like brick, stone, and ceramics. This versatility makes it a valuable tool in various cleaning and maintenance tasks across different industries.

Choose APT’s rust remover for reliable and effective rust removal on a wide range of surfaces in diverse industry settings.

From rust removal to rust stain removal, APT offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products designed to tackle rust, lubricate, and prevent corrosion. Our range of rust removers are often combined with our effective and trusted industrial lubricants.

· PTFE lubricant spray  · White Grease Lubricant  · Food Lube · Carburettor Cleaner  · Fine Machine Oil Lubricant  · Release No.1

We have the perfect solutions for your lubrication and rust prevention needs. Our products are meticulously formulated to deliver exceptional performance and protection against rust and mechanical wear. Backed by our knowledgeable advice and top-quality customer service, we ensure that you receive the right product for your specific requirements.

Trust APT to be your ally in the battle against rust and mechanical wear. With our reliable products and expert guidance, you can safeguard your equipment, extend its lifespan, and optimize its performance. Experience the difference with APT’s quality solutions for lubrication and rust prevention.


Make APT your trusted partner in rust removal. Our rust cleaner and stain remover products have gained the trust of organizations across the UK, and we are dedicated to delivering the best results for your rust treatment needs.

Order our rust removers today and experience the power of our highly concentrated formulas. For personalised assistance or further information, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team. Together, we can combat rust and preserve the integrity of your surfaces and equipment.

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