At APT, we understand the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and brightness of aluminium surfaces. Our revolutionary aluminium cleaning products are the ultimate solution for effectively cleaning aluminium, and brightening aluminium. Effortlessly removes tough stains, oxidation and grime, resorting the natural shine and brilliance of your aluminium surfaces and items (including alloy wheels) without causing  damage the surfaces.

Our aluminium cleaner is specifically formulated with advanced ingredients that excel in the task of cleaning and brightening aluminium surfaces. Used in engineering, road and rail transport industries by companies like Tata Steel, GE Engineering, Doncasters, Nexperia, and others.

Our aluminium cleaners remove tough stains, clean aluminum and aluminium surfaces without the need for warm water, soap and water, soft cloth cleaning and acid-based aluminium cleaners. Our cleaning process is effective and worked quick to clean and polish aluminium.


If you have ever attempted to clean aluminum, you likely understand the importance of using a non-caustic aluminum cleaner to avoid damaging the metal. Conventional caustic cleaners can be harsh and aggressive, causing harm to the aluminum surface. This principle applies not only to aluminium but also to other metals that are sensitive to caustic products.

At APT, we recognise the significance of providing specialised products designed specifically for industries such as engineering, road transportation, and rail transportation, where aluminium cleaning plays a vital role in ensuring performance, hygiene, and maintaining a positive image.

Our range of non-caustic aluminum cleaners has been meticulously formulated to deliver exceptional cleaning power without compromising the integrity of the metal. We understand that aluminum is a versatile material used in various applications, and its appearance and performance are crucial in many industries. Whether you need to clean aluminum components in an engineering setting or maintain the polished surfaces of road and rail transport vehicles, our specialised aluminum cleaners are tailored to meet your needs.

Using the wrong products for cleaning aluminium is a sure-fire way to waste time and money – and end up with a damaged component. APT have 30 years of industrial experience of cleaning different metals throughout the industry. We don’t just sell these products either, we design and develop them too and offer the kind of customer service that you may have thought had gone out of fashion. That’s just another of the reasons why our loyal industrial customers keep coming back for cleaners and degreasers from our professional cleaning products range. We’re more than just another online shop front – we’re a true partner when it comes to cleaning aluminium and other materials.

APT have a range of non-caustic aluminium cleaner from our cleaning product suppliers range which are safe to use in engineering or food industries These include Metasoak HDI, AC 760 and Zuko Degreaser.

What’s more, because we care about the environment as much as you, APT are renowned as a trusted cleaning product supplier throughout the UK, our products are eco-friendly and rapidly biodegradable.

If you need more information on how to clean aluminium please call our experts.


Experience the transformative power of our premium Aluminum Cleaner, designed to bring out the best in your aluminum surfaces. Reveal the true brilliance and shine of your aluminum items with confidence. Order your bottle today and let our cutting-edge solution redefine your aluminum cleaning and brightening experience.

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