When it comes to industrial drain cleaning, APT is your trusted partner with extensive experience in providing effective solutions. We understand the challenges of maintaining clean and clear drains in commercial and industrial settings. That’s why we offer a range of industrial drain cleaners and drain unblockers designed to tackle even the toughest clogs and blockages.

Our heavy duty, industrial drain unblockers are formulated with powerful ingredients to dissolve grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris that can cause blockages. They are designed to work quickly and effectively, saving you time and minimizing disruption to your operations.

We take pride in serving a diverse range of customers, including renowned establishments such as Liberty Steel, BAE Systems, Celtic Manor Resort, and many more. These industry leaders rely on our professional drain unblockers to maintain the functionality and hygiene of their drainage systems. Find our drain cleaner and drain unblockers product details below:


When it comes to maintaining your drainage and pipes, APT understands the importance of regular maintenance. That’s why we offer a range of commercial drain cleaner products specifically designed to keep your drains clean and clear. Our products are formulated to degrease and clean your drains while also lining the pipework with inhibitors that prevent the buildup of grease and other materials. By reducing material sticking to the pipes, you can minimise the chances of blockages occurring.

Our selection of commercial drain unblockers includes solvent-free caustic-based formulas and enzymatic drain cleaning chemicals. These powerful solutions effectively convert fats and oils into soap, breaking down blockages into smaller chemicals that can be easily washed away. They are capable of removing lime cement-based debris, fat buildup, grease, hair, food waste, and more. Rest assured that our industrial strength drain unblockers are designed to protect your pipework and keep the pipes intact.

One of the advantages of our industrial drain cleaner products is their concentration, providing long-term economy. Many of our solutions are multifunctional, eliminating the need for multiple products. We take pride in offering safe drain cleaning products that effectively combat grease, fats, and blockages in food preparation and processing areas.

By choosing our concentrated commercial drain cleaners, you not only save money but also contribute to reducing your environmental footprint. Our products are designed to be effective while minimizing waste and promoting sustainability.

With our extensive experience in the industry, we can assist you in selecting the right industrial drain cleaner for your specific needs. Whether you prefer granules or liquids, our industrial range has the solution you’re looking for. We understand the importance of choosing the right product to ensure optimal performance and prevent costly downtime.

Don’t compromise on the quality of drain cleaners and expose yourself to potential long-term issues. Instead, trust in the expertise and experience of our dedicated customer care team to provide you with the solutions you need. We go beyond being a mere online supplier of industrial drain unblocker liquid—we are your reliable partner in the demanding industrial and commercial sectors, offering both top-notch products and valuable advice.

With decades of cleaning experience, we understand the unique challenges you face when it comes to clearing drains and maintaining their cleanliness in industrial and commercial environments. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you have access to the right products and guidance to effectively tackle blockages and keep your drains clear.

By partnering with us, you can benefit from our comprehensive range of industrial drain unblocker liquids that are specifically designed to meet the demands of demanding environments. Our products are formulated to deliver exceptional results, providing powerful cleaning and unblocking capabilities that effectively remove obstructions and prevent future issues.

Whether you’re dealing with stubborn blockages or seeking preventive measures to maintain optimal drain performance, our customer care team is ready to provide you with tailored solutions that address your specific needs. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, offering reliable products and exceptional support to help you overcome any drain-related challenges you may encounter.

When you need to unblock your drains or pipework, there are several chemicals from which you can choose, and there are also antibacterial drain cleaner options available. They include:

Acid Drain Unblocker & Cleaner – Clearvex

Enzyme Drain Cleaner – Destroy II 

Drain Cleaner Granules – Clear Flow CS20

Drain Unblocker Liquid – Clear Flow

Professionals utilize various methods to unblock pipes effectively. One commonly used approach is the use of acidic drain cleaners, specifically those containing high concentrations of sulfuric acid. These commercial drain cleaning products are designed to tackle stubborn blockages caused by materials such as hair, grease, and even tissue paper.

Sulfuric acid drain cleaners are highly effective at dissolving and breaking down organic matter, allowing for improved flow and clearing of the pipes. The acidic nature of these cleaners enables them to react with and dissolve the substances causing the blockage, including tissue paper, ensuring thorough cleaning and restoration of proper drainage.

When engaging professional drain cleaning services, they will employ these specialized acidic drain cleaners to address your pipe blockages. Their expertise and access to effective products allow them to efficiently tackle even the toughest clogs, ensuring the smooth operation of your plumbing system.

It’s important to note that while sulfuric acid drain cleaners can be highly effective, they should be used with caution and handled by professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience. Improper usage or handling of these acidic cleaners can cause damage to pipes or pose safety risks.

If you’re experiencing persistent blockages in your pipes, it is recommended to seek the assistance of professional drain cleaning companies who are equipped with the expertise and appropriate products to safely and effectively clear the blockages.

Should you require any of your drains unblocked, our sister industrial cleaning company APT-ICC can help you with their professional drain cleaner services.

Choose our trusted expertise and experience in the industry to ensure that your drains remain clear and functional. Contact our customer care team today and let us assist you in finding the right industrial drain unblocker liquid and solutions for your unique requirements. Together, we’ll keep your drains flowing smoothly and minimise any disruptions in your industrial or commercial operations.


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"Highly recommended and has saved me a fortune."
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"We used this drain cleaner to unblock, clean out fat & grease from commercial kitchen drains and pipework then we installed the apt automatic drain dosing unit and it doesn’t block anymore."
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"Finally, a product that actually works as it should do. We tried several high-street brands that didn’t work. Contacted APT and they recommend Clearvex to clean the showers and sinks in our leisure centre. It’s worked perfectly and finally we have a solution to our long-standing problem!"
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"Does what it says, compared with trying lots of supermarket options which didn’t work well"
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"Poured a good amount down my bath plug hole & left for a few hours as water was slow at draining. It‘s quicker at draining now, so will do it regular from now on. I would purchase again."


Explore our range of industrial drain unblockers, including both liquid and granule options, and choose the solution that best meets your needs. With APT, you can trust that you are getting reliable and effective products backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Let us help you maintain clean and clear drains with our industrial drain unblockers. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or place an order. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in finding the right industrial drain unblocker and. drain cleaning solution for your specific application.

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