At APT, our revolutionary Antibacterial Soap, designed to elevate your hand hygiene practices. Our meticulously formulated soap effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and germs, providing an extra layer of protection against potential infections. With each use, our gentle, yet effective soap leaves your hands feeling clean, refreshed, and moisturised.

Our Antibacterial Soap is proudly approved by British Standards, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness. We prioritise your well-being and take pride in delivering products that offer superior germ protection without compromising on skin health. Elevate your hand hygiene with APT’s Premium Antibacterial Soap and experience the satisfaction of thorough cleansing and protection.

Choose APT’s Antibacterial Soap to safeguard your health and create a germ-free environment. Browse our range today and discover why our soap has become a go-to choice for individuals and businesses seeking uncompromised hand hygiene. Our soap is used UK-wide by companies like Monmouth Schools, Blaenau Gwent Council & more.


Ensuring proper hand hygiene is of utmost importance, especially in our current times. That’s why we must take hand washing seriously and utilize an appropriate, tried and tested hand soap.

Frequent and thorough hand washing is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of infections. Germ Free is designed to deliver a thorough cleansing experience while also keeping your hands moisturized and refreshed. Its gentle yet powerful formula ensures that you can maintain optimal hand hygiene without worrying about dryness or irritation.

By choosing Germ Free, you are making a proactive choice to prioritise your health and the well-being of those around you. Our tried and tested hand soap is recommended for frequent use, ensuring that you can maintain germ-free hands throughout the day. Make Germ Free an essential part of your hand washing routine and experience the peace of mind that comes with using a reliable and effective hand soap.

Germ Free has all the characteristics of a trusted hand liquid soap.

  • It is alcohol free
  • Contains chlorhexidine digluconate at 1% (10,000 ppm), which is greater than the required level for killing bacteria
  • Odourless, non-tainting formula
  • Safe to use in the food industry
  • Biocidal action use to eradicate germs.
  • Containing a blend of emollients to keep the hands soft
  • Superior quality

We are often asked to compare liquid antibacterial soaps to establish which ones are most effective at killing bacteria and eradicating germs. Through our testing process, APT’s Germ Free has come up top because it contains chlorhexidine digluconate at 1% (10,000 ppm), which is greater than the required level for killing bacteria. This means it is perfect for use in the healthcare and food industry.

Germ Free, our trusted hand soap, is available in two convenient sizes: 1 Litre and 5 Litre containers. When you choose to purchase bulk liquid soap from APT, you not only save costs but also contribute to reducing the environmental impact associated with excessive plastic usage. We are committed to sustainability and strive to make a positive difference by encouraging the use of less plastic packaging.

Choosing to partner with us goes beyond simply buying antibacterial liquid hand soap off the shelf. With decades of experience in the industry, we have developed products that are specifically designed to save you time and money while delivering exceptional performance. We understand the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your daily operations, which is why our Germ Free hand soap is carefully formulated to provide outstanding results without compromising on quality.

Our dedication to product development and innovation means that when you choose APT, you are choosing a partner that values your satisfaction and success. We work tirelessly to create solutions that address your specific needs, ensuring that our products not only meet your expectations but exceed them.


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"Has kept our nursing home running during the pandemic, ensuring our staff and residents are safe"
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"I’ve tried several antiseptic product for the COVID pandemic, and this is best and only product I could find to combat COVID-19! Thanks APT for the great service too."
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"Received package quickly. This is an amazing product. The price was right, and I would not hesitate to buy from APT again. Grease away does exactly what it says with no effort at all. Tried other products but can honestly say they are not as good.
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"We have been using Steri Tec in the hospital since the start of the pandemic. Our staff and patients feel safe in the environment since it is made up of 70% alcohol and also kills all bacteria and organisms really quickly. APT have supported us throughout the pandemic and we couldn’t be more grateful! We also use their fogging machine and find it fantastic."


Join us in our commitment to saving costs, reducing plastic waste, and achieving outstanding performance. Partner with APT for all your liquid soap needs and experience the difference that decades of expertise and innovation can make.

Browse our range today and discover why businesses trust us to deliver products that save time, save money, and perform exceptionally well.

Place your order today or, for help choosing the right product, get in touch on 0800 0723 773.