APT Commercial Chemicals and our network of affiliated enterprises. As the driving force behind APT ICC and APT Soda Blasting, we proudly present a trio of expert solutions meticulously crafted to cater to a wide spectrum of industrial and cleaning needs. At APT, we’re renowned for our innovative and eco friendly cleaners to include our eco friendly cleaners products and eco friendly cleaning services that redefine the concept of cleanliness.

Simultaneously, APT ICC specialises in delivering industry-specific eco friendly cleaners solutions, while APT Soda Blasting offers cutting-edge services for surface restoration. Together, our collective effort establishes a comprehensive ecosystem of products and services that resonate with our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and environmental consciousness.

Explore our sister companies to unveil an array of possibilities that align with our dedication to providing superior quality, efficiency, and eco friendly cleaners alternatives in the realm of industrial and cleaning sectors.


The UK's preferred Industrial & Commercial Cleaning organisation. Renowned for using eco friendly cleaners nationwide. Find out more below.


The safe, sympathetic way to clean surfaces, without the need for dangerous solvents, chemicals or harmful abrasives. Our eco friendly cleaners are recommended throughout the UK.


APT ICC offers a wide range of Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services nationwide. We aim to provide as many eco friendly cleaners for buildings, machinery and the like. We offer the following services:

APT Soda Blasting

APT Soda Blasting are the nationwide preferred service company for our conservation, renovation and restoration of historic buildings, monuments and building surfaces. Our eco friendly cleaners - soda blasting achieves outstanding results for your restoration project. Soda blasting is suitable for:


APT-ICC and APT Soda Blasting stand as integral pillars within the APT Commercial Chemicals family. Born from a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, these sister companies represent distinct facets of our comprehensive industrial solutions. United under the umbrella of a single group, they combine their expertise to offer a holistic approach to addressing the diverse needs of industries.

APT-ICC, with a seasoned team of experts, APT-ICC has mastered the art of maintaining and enhancing the structural integrity of industrial facilities. Their range of services covers high-pressure cleaning, surface preparation, protective coatings, tank cleaning, and more. By prioritising the longevity of industrial assets, APT-ICC plays a pivotal role in ensuring the operational efficiency and durability of diverse industrial environments.

On the other hand, APT Soda Blasting introduces a dynamic dimension to our group’s offerings. Renowned for its pioneering approach to surface cleaning, APT Soda Blasting specialises in a revolutionary method known as soda blasting. This innovative, eco friendly cleaners technique harnesses the power of sodium bicarbonate particles to gently and effectively remove contaminants from surfaces. With precision and care, APT Soda Blasting transforms restoration and maintenance by eliminating the need for harsh abrasives and using eco friendly cleaners instead. The result is a pristine surface, devoid of damage, and a testament to their commitment to eco-conscious methodologies.

APT-ICC provides comprehensive industrial cleaning and coating solutions. Their services include high-pressure cleaning, surface preparation, protective coatings, tank cleaning, and more. Their expertise extends to various industries, ensuring optimal maintenance and longevity of industrial assets.

APT Soda Blasting is another sister company within our group. They specialise in a unique cleaning method known as soda blasting. This eco friendly cleaners technique uses sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) particles to remove contaminants from surfaces without causing damage. Did you know that soda blasting was used to clean the Statue of Liberty in New York?

APT-ICC, APT Soda Blasting, and APT Commercial Chemicals are part of the same group, sharing a commitment to excellence in industrial solutions. While APT Commercial Chemicals specialises in eco friendly cleaners products, APT-ICC focuses on industrial and commercial cleaning services, and APT Soda Blasting offers innovative soda blasting services.

Absolutely! Our three sister companies collectively provide a comprehensive range of services to address various industrial needs. Whether you require eco-friendly cleaning products, industrial cleaning services, or specialised surface cleaning through soda blasting, our sister companies have you covered.

The synergy between APT Commercial Chemicals, APT-ICC, and APT Soda Blasting allows us to provide a holistic approach to industrial solutions. Clients can access a wide spectrum of services, each tailored to their unique requirements. Whether you need eco friendly cleaners, industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning or specialised blasting, our sister companies offer a comprehensive suite of solutions under one group.


Discover the power of collaboration and innovation within our group of sister companies. Unveil a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial cleaning solutions that redefine excellence, sustainability, and efficiency. Connect with us to learn more about how our sister companies can elevate your industrial endeavours to new heights.