APT’s water based degreaser has helped hundreds of heavy industrial manufacturers, food and processing plants as well as light engineering, aerospace and electronic factories to clean and maintain their equipment. Our aqueous cleaner is used for parts processing equipment and as a clean room surface cleaner.

We ensure our water based degreasing and cleaning products are safe for you, your degreasing process plant, equipment and the future of our environment. Our water based degreasers are ideal for gearboxes, hydraulic systems, open gears, chains and pumps to remove a variety of soiling types. Used a regular solvent cleaner to degrease components their features and benefits outweigh standard water based degreasers.


With over 30 year experience in working with companies from heavy industrial manufactures food plant and processing through to light engineering aerospace and electronics who require many different types of safe, effective, water-based aqueous cleaner & degreaser fluids to clean and maintain their expensive equipment plant, clean parts processing equipment and clean room surface cleaner.

We understand the and difficult and complex task of choosing the right degreaser product to suit each application taking into account of the complex process to ensure you select the best cleaner and degreaser available for the surface or part whilst still being safe for the user and the equipment surface. All these factors together with meeting the current guided and future safety legislation.

We have developed specialist degreaser range to suit every application for commercial use.

All our degreasing products are manufactured to not only meet but surpass the current legislation by using the highest quality ingredients available. This ensures we deliver cleaning and degreasing products which are safe for the user, your degreasing process plant, equipment and the future of our environment.

APT offers competitively priced concentrated cleaning and degreasing products.

Feel free to call or email our team of specialists and let us help you choose the most effective degreaser product.