APT are renowned for supplying a wide range of professional cleaning products to a wide variety of clients throughout the UK and Europe. With 30 years experience in the cleaning sector, we guarantee our commercial cleaning products are value for money, eco-friendly, highly concentrated and do what they say on the tin. When you buy from APT commercial cleaning supplies, not only do you receive products, you get expert advice ensuring that you are using the right professional product for the right purpose. Our commercial chemical clients are Blaenau Gwent County Council, University of London, Modern Milkman and more.


APT are dedicated in providing the best professional cleaning products in the UK and have spent the last 30 years researching and producing commercial cleaning supplies for multitude of business organisations nationwide. Our chemicals and expertise are second to none.

Our commercial cleaning products are highly concentrated and engineered for the professional cleaning market. They are approved with the highest certifications and are used by organisations such as the NHS, Fortnum & Mason, ITV Studios, BBC Studios, Police, Kappa and UK Councils just to name a few.

Because our products are super concentrated a little goes a long way, meaning your budgets goes a lot further. Most of our commercial cleaning products work out at just 0.03p per litre, and I think you would agree that’s highly cost effective. Another benefit of buying our concentrated range is that you are saving on single use plastic, and you are helping to cut down on shipping costs thus aiding the carbon footprint.

Our team at APT have been educating customers for over 30 years, helping them to choose the right product for the right application whilst ensuring that they are aren’t buying more products than is needed. Most of APT’s professional environmentally friendly cleaning products can be used for a multitude of tasks, thus stopping confusion for the user…1 chemical = many tasks.

Our professional cleaning supplies are ideal for commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning and wholesale sectors which includes hospital, care homes, offices, schools, kitchens, restaurants and restrooms.

APT recognises the importance of providing top quality commercial cleaning products; with stringent legislation and the need clean effectively in less time, our professional cleaning products are perfect for you and your organisation.

As being one of the leading cleaning chemical suppliers in the UK, we know it’s not always easy to choose the right commercial professional cleaning products and sometimes it can be a bit confusing, that’s why we have dedicated specialists on the other end of the phone waiting to answer your questions no matter how complex or simple they may be… our job is to make your commercial cleaning easier by providing professional cleaning supplies.