At APT we have a range of three specific washing up liquids formulated to offer advanced cleaning. Our washing up liquids are easy to refill and also can tackle all washing up tasks in all situations for sparkling glassware, cutlery, crockery, and a variety of surfaces.


Heavy-duty washing up for commercial use requires washing up liquids that can match their needs. These facilities include hospitals, care, and nursing homes, schools and colleges, tourist and entertainment industries, and food industries.

APT Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid is essential in the health and food industries where there is a need to reduce the danger of infection and cross-contamination. It is used for cleaning and sanitising during the handwashing process and for washing hard, water-resistant surfaces.

The glass wash detergent contains active bactericides in a blend proven effective against common bacteria often found in kitchens. Tested against BS EN1276, it kills salmonella, E. coli, and various Staphylococcus strains. Fats, food residues, tough baked-on food, and oils are instantly dissolved easily rinsed away.

Surfaces can be wiped or rinsed with the antibacterial washing up liquid to remove germs. The liquid is water-soluble and can be used with a sprayer, cloth, mop, or machine. One part to 100 parts of water is the ideal solution for surface cleaning. One part to 80 parts warm or cold water is ideal for dishes, but it can be made stronger for heavily soiled ones.

Antibacterial Washing up liquid is concentrated, making it economical to use. Its popular size is the washing up liquid 5 litre and is also available in 1 litre x 12.

Commercial glass washers need to cut through the grease, leave glassware sparkling clean and smear-free. Handy Clear is an antibacterial manual glass washing detergent that while also sanitising as it cleans.

It can be used in all situations where glass cleaning and decontamination is required, including kitchens, pharmaceutical industries, and laboratories.

Handy Clear is odourless and non-tainting. The highly concentrated glass detergent is an economical formula, and only one part is needed to 80 parts of water for clean and sanitized glassware. Its eco-friendly formula ensures that it is fully biodegradable.

Available in washing up liquid 2 x 5 litre, and 4 x 5 litre.

Spotluss has earned the reputation of being one of the best commercial washing up liquids on the market. This super-concentrated glass and washing up detergent has an advanced blend of surfactants that can cut through grease, food residues, and oils for sparkling clean crockery, cutlery, and glassware.

Commercial glass washers need to be able to tackle all kinds of tasks, and Spotluss is one of those. Whether it is delicate glassware, pots, and heavy-baked dirt on pans it can tackle them all. It can also be used as a general cleaner on a whole range of surfaces, including upholstery and cloth. Spotluss can replace alkaline cleaners on walls, and floors.

Highly-effective and economical, Spotluss has a natural lemon fragrance, is phosphate free and fully biodegradable.

Dilution depends on whether Spotluss is to be used as a general cleaner or washing up liquid. For dishes it is one part with up to 1000 parts water. As a general cleaner one part to 300 parts water is ideal. It can be used with warm or cold water.

Available as a washing up liquid 5 litre, Spotluss is also available in 4 x 5 litres and 12 x 1 litre.