Discover the comprehensive range of high-quality penetrating oil products and accessories at APT. Whether you’re seeking a pocket-sized aerosol of low viscosity penetrating oil or cost-effective bulk lubricants, fluids, and sprays, we have the perfect solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly. With our diverse selection, you can find the ideal penetrating spray, fluid, grease lubricant, lubricant oil, or silicone grease tailored to your specific lubrication needs.

Our penetrating oils are expertly formulated to deeply penetrate tight spaces, effectively loosening rusted or seized components while providing exceptional lubrication. Trust APT for outstanding results and ensure optimal performance and durability of your equipment.

We are proud to supply renowned companies like BMW, Liberty Steel, Tata Steel and Balfour Beatty with our top-quality penetrating oils. These industry leaders trust our products to keep their equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Our penetrating oils can be purchased with next day delivery!


Are you facing the frustration of a seized-up nut on your machinery? The longer it remains stuck, the longer your equipment will be out of commission. And we know that the longer your equipment is down, the more pressure you face from your manager to get it fixed promptly.

That’s where APT penetrating oils come to the rescue. With our high-performance penetrating oils, that stubborn nut will soon start turning again, allowing you to repair the machine and get production back up to full capacity.

No matter what challenging situation you’re dealing with, our wide range of penetrating oil products and accessories has got you covered. From convenient pocket-sized aerosols of low viscosity penetrating oil to cost-effective bulk lubricants, we offer the solutions you need to ensure your equipment works reliably and efficiently. Trust in APT to provide the right products that will keep your machinery running smoothly, preventing costly downtime and meeting your production targets.

Why spend extra money and time ordering multiple products when APT offers solutions that can handle various tasks? Our APT Release No.1, for example, serves as a dewaterer, penetrating oil, and rust inhibitor all in one. This kind of innovation is what our customers appreciate.

In addition to the convenience of multi-purpose products, our customers value the expertise that comes from our decades of experience in supplying penetrating oils, lubricating oils, and commercial and industrial cleaners. Professionals in the engineering and manufacturing industries trust us as more than just a lubricating oil supplier. We are their reliable partner in the ongoing battle against mechanical wear and equipment failure.

Whether you’re in need of a light fine machine oil or our versatile Release No.1 dewatering fluid, APT has the perfect product to meet your lubrication and rust prevention needs. Our comprehensive range is designed to provide top-quality solutions for combating the challenges of rust and mechanical wear.

With APT, you not only get exceptional products but also access to our knowledgeable team of experts who can provide valuable advice and guidance. We take pride in offering unparalleled customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

If you need any assistance in selecting the right lubricant for your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. We are here to assist you and are excited to hear from you.


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