Aluminium is a brilliant metal and is one with a wide variety of potential uses including both commercial and industrial applications. If you have an aluminium surface or component, which has become dirty, greasy or carbonised, it’s easy to make the mistake of reaching for just any standard cleaning product. However, the wrong type of cleaning supplies can easily damage aluminium. You should be especially aware of using caustic based cleaners, which can cause aluminium to degrade and become permanently damaged. For sensitive components, surfaces and highly visual finishes, as in exterior and interior building cladding these undesirable markings go on to fail, degrade and potentially cause equipment to malfunction or even break entirely! The solution to this is to only use specialist aluminium cleaning products.

Using a specialist-cleaning product will clean and degrease, remove carbon build up and oil deposits and is suitable for both engineering and food industry applications. UK-based APT Cleaning Supplies are able to supply a specialist aluminium-cleaning product called Metasoak.

Metasoak has many benefits including:

– Low-foam formula
– Able to remove the toughest carbon and oil deposits
– Perfect as a parts washer fluid
– Environmentally friendly with rapid bio-degradable qualities

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