Although you can buy antibacterial cleaners quite easily over the counter for use at home, when it comes to larger scale and more sensitive premises, such as hospitals, schools, kitchens and public institutions it is wise to buy from industrial and commercial specialists.

What you can guarantee with industrial cleaning suppliers is that the quality of the product is very high. You would never query the quality and when it comes to antibacterial cleaning chemicals you want to be sure that what you’re using isn’t going to leave even a chance of something important and nasty being left behind.

Another aspect to consider is the cost effectiveness of buying with commercial cleaning in mind. If you are looking for a specific antibacterial cleaner (such as our very own Hi-Drocleanse for example) you’ll be able to find it when you need it, and in bulk. This works on two levels, you’ll never have to risk using a more general cleaner purchased in store, and your supplies will last for a lot longer keeping your costs down in the long run.

So where would you most likely need to use antibacterial cleaners on a regular basis?


The most obvious place to begin with. It goes without saying that a hospital has to be clean — as a patient you would expect it to be the cleanest place you can find as immune systems are weak and susceptible to bacteria causing harm. Antibacterial cleaning is required for patients’ rooms, hospital beds, examination rooms and surgical theatres. Not only that but most visitors will be required to clean their hands before entering (our germ free antibacterial hand gel is perfect for this).


Where sick pets have been lying on an examination table it is good practice to use antibacterial cleaners to prevent harmful bacteria from transferring from one pet to the next, especially in a busy veterinarian practice. Without antibacterial cleaning you are putting not only the animals at risk but also their owners and the people they live with after taking their pet home.

Kitchen Areas

In a kitchen there are many things happening at once. There are fresh and uncooked foods being delivered, food being cooked and prepared and people coming in and out at all times. A busy kitchen can be a nightmare to keep clean and can get very greasy and dirty. It is therefore essential that whoever is responsible for cleaning it has the right products available to them. Our Ultraclean MB Antibacterial kitchen degreaser kills 99.999% of bacteria, meaning that no harm will come to food being produced and those eating it.


Children in schools can sometimes get a bit grubby, especially the younger ones. They play hard and work hard, leaving scuff marks on tables and floor surfaces, bringing in mud and dirt from outside and wiping their noses on anything in sight (that’s a generalisation of course but you get the idea). As well as in the classroom and the bathroom a school canteen area can quickly become full of bacteria and caked on foodstuff. Our antibacterial washing up liquid is great to rid any surface of worn in food and stains.

At APT Commercial Chemicals we are specialists in commercial and industrial cleaning chemicals. If you have any questions regarding antibacterial cleaners we have a dedicated antibacterial cleaners section on our website with products for sale. We are keen to pass on our knowledge and guidance, believing this to be just as important as the quality of the products themselves. If you would like to speak to a member of our team we are always happy to help.