At APT, we have been making a price match promise to our customers for years now as we believe that all our products will be notably marked lower than your average consumer. The reason we believe this to be the case is because all our products are super-concentrated. Concentrated cleaning products are designed to be diluted at the point of use into individuals or into buckets to be used. All our products are sold with dilution rates on the back of the containers to ensure you’re using the right amount and that you’re not paying for us to ship water to you!

With all our concentrated cleaning chemical products we offer a price match guarantee.

If you’re experiencing continual price increases or supply issues, then you need to speak to APT.

We are an accredited, trusted UK manufacturer and supplier of professional cleaning products and we guarantee to:

Since the current cost of living crisis is affecting individuals and organisations, we’re making this promise to you that we’ll keep things the same.

Download your copy of the APT Company Brochure from our APT ICC Site Services company.