Solvent cleaners allow you to clean surfaces and materials without altering the chemical state of what they are cleaning. They can dissolve and remove dirt particles even in the most soiled and dirty scenarios and it is with that in mind that you should consider which solvent cleaner is the right choice for your industry and specific situation.

Cleaning can be hard work, time consuming and cost too much money if not performed correctly. Solvent cleaners are designed to aid the cleaning process using highly developed and quality products to ensure that you are left with a clean and safe surface without working too hard to get there and without cutting corners.

But what are the benefits of solvent cleaners compared with the old fashioned way of cleaning a surface?

Keeps a Surface Clear and Clean for Longer

If you are attempting to clean a surface with a hard cleaner without using a solvent cleaning fluid you might not end up with the effectiveness you desire. Without a solvent assisting the cleaning process a surface can remain streaky and stubborn in its resistance to being cleaned. Soil and dirt particles will be initially wiped away but will naturally fall back into place on the surface as you move on to the next section, leaving a streaky appearance. Solvent based cleaners are great for polishing floors, cleaning windows and for hard surfaces.

Disinfect the Area for a Safer Environment

If using a solvent in conjunction with a disinfectant product you will help clean the very far reaches of the surface or area you are attempting to clean. The whole aim of a disinfectant is to ensure that 99.99% (and not the oft advertised 99.9%) of potentially harmful bacteria is removed from the surfaces you are cleaning. With solvent cleaners you can ensure a more effective decrease in bacteria numbers.

Effective from First Drop to Last

We all desire a stable cleaning product, something that is as effective at the bottom of a bottle as it was when we first opened and used it. With solvent based cleaners this is a guarantee. Solvents are less likely to become separated and volatile when being moved, whether from a large shipment delivery, or from the APT shelves to your home or place of work. This ensures a high level of effectiveness for a long period of time, with no disruption.

Efficient Cleaning on All Surfaces and Appliances

The effectiveness of solvent cleaning is a modern miracle that we all take for granted now. By improving the efficiency of our cleaning we are also ensuring cleaner and safer working and home environments without breaking our backs for hours on end, scrubbing away at floors and surfaces without the full desired effect.

If you would like to discuss your cleaning solutions with an experienced member of our team we are more than happy to help. We have developed a wide range of solvent cleaners for myriad industries and scenarios. They are safe to use and environmentally friendly, and whether your industry involves heavy machinery, grease and oil, or food production and natural oils, we will have the right solvent cleaner for your particular and specific requirements.