If left for a long period without any cleaning being undertaken the brickwork to your property can start to become dirty and covered in moss. Of course the longer you leave it like this, the harder it will become to effectively remove.

What are your main options when it comes to cleaning brick without damaging the surface and the appearance of your property? Each of the options below can be used in conjunction with a cleaning fluid; there are so many options available on the market that it can hard to know which one is most suited to your property, type of brickwork and situation.

Hand Washing

Using a stiff brush to scrub away with and a bucket full of hot soapy water you can manually clean the brickwork on the exterior wall of your home or business premises. Of course, by scrubbing away at the brickwork you will remove some of the dirt, and some of the moss which is growing there but it will take a huge amount of time and effort on your part.

It won’t however give you a deep, penetrative clean which if you are in a position where the brickwork requires cleaning is probably what you were hoping for come the end of the task. Cleaning brickwork can be difficult to judge and dependent on the type of cleaning fluid you are using and the surface itself, washing by hand could potentially leave you unsatisfied with the end result.

Pressure Washing

The pressure washer is the go to piece of equipment when any large surface area needs a deep cleanse it seems. It will give you the power and efficiency from high water pressure that allows you to get into the nooks and crannies and really blast away not just the excess dirt and marks from your brickwork.

Once you’ve blasted off the excess dirt and got into all areas of the brickwork and mortar there is a danger that by blasting at the surface you are in fact damaging the surface for good and leaving behind not just a surface that looks brand new, but a new surface itself — not the one you originally had when you turned on the pressure washer.

Industrial Cleaner from APT

At APT we develop our products over many years to ensure that they not only effectively perform the cleaning tasks they say they do, but that they are safe to use and leave no lasting damage at all to the surfaces being treated. We’ve taken this approach with our Extreme Wash 80 product, which is perfect for the tricky surface to clean – brickwork. Acid Brick Cleaner – Extreme Wash 80

You won’t have to worry about trying many different methods of cleaning your bricks once you’ve used Extreme Wash 80 as it is a product that works no matter the surface or the methods you use to clean with it.

It is a concentrated cleaning fluid which works perfectly on brickwork and also functions as a highly effective industrial descaler, so if you require the exterior of your premises to be fully cleaned and looking brand new, and your pipe work is struggling to function to its full potential due to limescale build-up, this product is definitely for you. It’s fast acting, doesn’t require too much elbow grease and will save you time and money testing out all the other, less effective, brick cleaners on the market. For more information visit our online catalogue or call the customer service team today and we’ll be happy to offer guidance on your specific situation regarding brick cleaning and exterior work.

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