Industrial cleaning can be tough. We understand this. Especially in factory premises, or industries with heavy machinery and many different types of small mechanical parts, finding a cleaning product to perform the task adequately can sometimes be a struggle.

That’s where we come in – providing high quality industrial cleaning supplies with the knowledge and expertise to offer advice on your specific requirements and exactly which type of cleaning product you would be best to purchase, and how to most effectively use it in your given environment.

Citrus degreasers are a fantastic alternative to conventional solvent degreasers, and here’s why:

A Great Parts Cleaner

Sometimes it’s not just simple surfaces which require cleaning. Grease and dirt can become heavy and stuck to every small nook and cranny in your work premises and within the tiniest parts of machinery. Conventional degreasers have always adequately performed the job of cleaning it away, but citrus degreasers do so with real ease.

Our citrus degreasers are versatile and work in a multitude of environments. There’s a reason citrus degreasers are popular with cyclists for instance – they know they can put it to good use in the tightest spaces on their bikes and clean all parts effectively for a smooth and shiny finish without damaging the parts or the overall make-up of the cycle. The same applies to all surfaces and machinery at home and in a working environment.

Cuts Through the Toughest Grease

In an industrial factory or production line grease sticks to everything. If you are in a business where a degreaser is required on a daily basis you have to be able to trust the industrial cleaning product at your disposal. Our citrus degreasers are proven to remove all traces of grease, oils and other contaminants, ensuring that your workplace remains clean, safe for staff and visitors alike from health hazards, and that your machinery remains functioning at a high level at all times.

With citrus degreaser being so effective at working away grease and oils also means that you will save money in the long term as there isn’t as much struggle, and products used, to achieve a high quality finish.

Environmentally Friendly

We take good care that all of our products are developed to be completely up to date with the latest environmental legislation. With conventional solvent degreasers you have to be wary of volatility of the substance and have in mind careful disposal once it has been used.

With APT citrus degreasers however we’ve developed a product which is water soluble and created using eco-friendly natural ingredients. So you can just easily rinse away any spillages and be in control of a much safer environment in which to clean that if you were using older degreaser products.

Leaves a Fresh and Fragrant Smell

And the final beauty of using citrus degreasers – it leaves behind a nice fragrance once you are finished. Of course this isn’t the most important factor when considering which industrial cleaning product or specific heavy degreaser to purchase, but at APT we ally a highly effective degreaser product, made with environmentally friendly ingredients, to a lasting fresh fragrance.

A pleasant smell adds the finishing touches to a cleaning task and leaves your staff and anyone else in the vicinity feeling much cleaner and happier in the process.

Citrus degreasers have become a popular heavy degreaser for a number of reasons, they cut through tough grease and dirt, have been developed to be environmentally friendly, are great for the smallest of machine parts and best of all can leave behind a pleasant smell when you’ve finished cleaning. What more could you ask for?

APT has a range of degreasers and our citrus degreasers come highly recommended for the reasons outlined in this article. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team who have bags of experience in assisting companies of all sizes choose the right industrial supplies for their business.