Ultrasonic cleaners are a rather revolutionary product that make use of ultrasound technology for the cleaning of many different types of materials across a broad range of industries. Contaminants are eradicated from machinery parts by tiny micro bubbles produced by the chemical solvent, producing a high energy effect that can thoroughly and safely clean parts made of metals, plastics, rubbers, glass, ceramics, and many other materials.

Choosing the proper brand of ultrasonic cleaning fluid will depend on the four basic components of each brand:  mechanical energy, dwell time, temperature and chemistry. The many brands of eco-friendly ultrasonic cleaners help to avoid potential surface damage to the machines being cleaned as well as the cleaning tanks, baskets, and filters used during the process. While the engineering and manufacturing industries are the largest consumers of these types of cleaners, many other areas of business also use them as well.

Automotive Industry

The many intricate car parts that require tough cleaning processes are resulting in a huge increase in use of these brands of cleaners by the automotive industry.  Mechanics regularly use these ultrasonic cleaner solution products for cleaning everything from crank shafts to engine pistons, bearings, and gears. Proper rinsing and drying practices are also strictly followed to ensure maximum results.

Medical and Optical Industries

Medical instruments and surgical tools require a very thorough cleaning before they can be reused again on another patient. The healthcare industry uses ultrasonic cleaners on everything from surgical blades to injection needles, forceps, endoscope tubes, and several other types of medical devices that come in contact with the human body. The optical industry even uses some of these brands of cleaners for eyeglasses and contact lens cleaning procedures.

Jewelry Industry

To demonstrate just how safe and effective these cleaning solvents are, the jewelry industry uses these cleaning agents on all types of very expensive jewelry, from bracelets to necklaces and wrist watches made of every type of metal imaginable, including both silver and gold. The bubbling action of the ultrasonic cleaning fluid helps to get inside those tiny, ornate crevices that manual cleaning techniques are unable to reach.

The Military

All branches of the United Stated Armed Forces use ultrasonic cleaners to clean everything from the individual mechanical parts of our jets and military tanks to cleaning the smaller individual components of our soldiers’ firearms. Different solvents are used for each individual purpose, of course. But as a result of the military’s increased acceptance and use of these ultrasonic cleaning fluids, police departments and fire stations around the country are now using them on a regular basis as well.

The broad range of uses of these ultrasonic cleaners have led to their use in nearly all areas of industry and commerce. Printing companies, air conditioning and heating companies, and all industries in electronics and digital technologies are now using environmentally friendly ultrasonic solvents as the preferred method of cleaning the tiny pieces and parts involved in their particular areas of commerce. Choosing the proper brand of ultrasonic cleaner can be somewhat confusing.  Ask your friendly sales rep which brand is best for your particular needs.