One of the most effective ways to disinfect premises and help control the spread of viruses is the use of a chemical fogger. Reputable manufacturers and suppliers of fogging machines are the best people to consult when looking for the most effective way to reduce the transmission of enveloped viruses.

Buying an effective and reliable fogging cleaning machine ensures you have access to expert advice and after-sales service if needed.

Considerations For Disinfecting Premises With A Chemical Fogger Machine

At APT, we have been offering environmentally safe cleaning solutions to the UK public for over 30 years. Our wide range of disinfectant fogging machines are used by businesses, health organizations, educational institutions, correctional services, and tourist facilities across the country.

Every fogging cleaning machine is accompanied by a full manual with RAMS, and our clients are assured of a step-to-step guide, even by phone if necessary.

Fogging is an effective way of disinfecting areas, but the type of fogger required always depends on the following criteria:

Fogging Cleaning Machine And Safety Precautions

When fogging a room with VIROKILL RTU, you need to know that the atmospheric biocide bactericidal killer is effective and safe to use on all surfaces. It is tested and approved according to the standards required by the UK and Europe and passes BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 & BS EN 13697. It is proven that VIROKILL 99.99% of airborne and infectious organisms within 5 minutes.

However, the use of a chemical fogger always requires following certain safety precautions. These include:

Fogging Machine Cleaning – Choosing APT’s Best Model For Your Needs

An even application of the vapour and the correct concentration is vital for achieving the best levels of disinfection. Nozzle adjustment ensures the right size of the micro-drops, allowing them to float and settle. All surfaces must be dry before an area is re-used.

Fogging Cleaning Machine And Droplet Size

Cold and Electrostatic foggers can disperse both wet and dry fog. The size of the droplet and the volume of the spray is the difference between wet and dry fog. This can be regulated by the nozzle on all APT foggers. On a normal setting, a droplet size of 20 – 30 microns is considered wet fog. This is the recommended method for disinfection, mould control, and insecticide use.

Droplets between 10 – 15 microns are considered dry fog. The tiny size of these droplets allows them to spread over larger areas, but may not ensure complete coverage. A second application is often needed.

Electrostatic Foggers

Electrostatic fogging sprays an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces. The same solution is used, but as it passes through the nozzle it is combined with air and atomized by the electrode. These foggers are pricier, but the chemical fogger generates charged droplets that repel one another but seek out surfaces to cling to. They offer fast and effective fogging.

Choosing the best chemical fogger machine is not too difficult from the models available at APT, but if you are not sure which is best for you, speak to one of the experts on the team for advice.

What Is The Best Chemical Fogging Machine?

Each fogging machine is designed to best serve different needs. Deciding on the best fogging cleaning machine is not too difficult if you know what areas you need to clean.

Large Spaces With High Ceilings

Business centres, leisure and entertainment facilities, churches, schools, and stadiums usually have large areas to cover with high ceilings. To achieve proper levels of disinfection, they need a fogger that has a reach of about 8 to 10 metres.

Two excellent models are the Storm Cat7 and FO-500, both have a reach of up to 10 metres.

Other features of the powerful, robust, and durable Storm Cat7 and FO-500 are that they both cover 32,000 cubic metres per tank. Of course, they have adjustable nozzles to regulate the spray volume and droplet size. The ideal setting for both machines is 30 microns.

Smaller Spaces With Lower Ceiling

There is no end to the types of smaller spaces where misting for disinfection can be used. These include hotel rooms, restaurants, offices, hospital rooms, surgeries, and care homes.

Depending on the areas, the choice of fogging machines includes the MK4 and the cordless Handheld Fogging Machine.

Even though the MK4 is a lightweight fogger that is easy to carry, it has a powerful reach of 8 to 10 metres. It is designed to rapidly disperse antiviral disinfectant into the air and treats all surfaces. Its nozzle can be regulated and has a range of 5 to 50 microns.

The EX2 has a 5-litre capacity that has a reach of 8 metres and rapidly completes all fogging tasks. Like all APT machines, it can disperse wet and dry fog because of its controllable nozzle that can be regulated between 5 and 50 microns.

Mobile fogging machines need to be battery-operated for better mobility and quick sanitising. The Handheld Fogging Machine is battery operated and has a precise nozzle with a 5 metre reach. This is ideal for smaller rooms, but also carriages and transport vehicles. It has a robust metal finish and low-noise levels.

Spaces With Intricate Surfaces

Rooms with intricate surfaces and seating areas benefit far more from electrostatic fogging. These include gyms, retail outlets, nurseries, schools, and public transport. There are two models of battery-operated foggers to choose from and the electrostatic particles emitted from these machines can wrap around surfaces, providing complete disinfection and protection.

The Electrostatic Sprayer can evenly disinfect large areas, and you can complete a room in three minutes. This time-saving chemical fogger is extremely portable, easy to use, fast, and covers larger areas with less liquid.

For larger areas, the Electrostatic Fogger is a better choice. The fogger’s battery lasts for 3.5 hours when it is fully charged. A full charge only takes 90 minutes to complete. With a tank capacity of 10 litres and a 6-metre range, the Electrostatic Fogger can cover 2000 cubic metres with one tank in no time. The low-noise fogging cleaning machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

Chemical Fogger – UK Law On Disinfectants

According to UK law, employers must always ensure they are not using substances harmful to people’s health. Employees responsible for using hazardous substances must be provided with instructions and training on the use of the substances and how to safeguard themselves and others.

Additionally, all biocides used to control harmful organisms must comply with the Biocide Products Regulation.

APT Remains The Fogging Specialists

Buying a reliable chemical fogging machine continues to be the best way to prevent all airborne viruses from spreading. Misting a room is also an ideal way to keep frequently-used surfaces free of other bacteria. Fogging saves far more time when compared to other cleaning methods, and reaches even the most difficult areas.

Looking for fogging machine cleaning in the UK? Then all you must do is call us at APT. We have sold thousands of foggers and are the trusted specialist and suppliers of the appropriate disinfectant. At APT our experts are knowledgeable and ready to share what they know with you. They will advise you on the best methods to adopt and how to apply the correct practices for preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

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