In this blog, we will be showing you some of the products from our range of graffiti removal products, following on from the how-to guide from our sister site’s own blog

Graffiti can be a major problem in many areas. It’s unsightly, ruins the look of many old buildings and can encourage more anti-social behaviour if left untreated. Whilst APT-ICC also provide commercial cleaning services, including graffiti removal (see our cleaning services site), it isn’t always practical to call out a professional team, especially if the area affected is quite small.

That’s why we sell a wide range of graffiti removal products that give you the edge you need to remove graffiti yourself. Our sister site’s blog gave you a step-by-step guide on how to prevent graffiti with the Anti-Graffiti Paint, but this post will give you a briefing of some of our other products, starting with…

1.  Graffiti Wipeout Liquid

So someone has sprayed some graffiti on your garden wall, or the side of your house. It’s not too bad, but it’s still graffiti and it’s still an eyesore on your home. All you need is a simple coat of Wipeout Liquid to, well, wipeout the graffiti. The high-strength liquid formula quickly penetrates the paint, meaning one coat is all you need. It has a low odour and is environmentally friendly, making it safe and suitable for enclosed areas.

Wipeout Liquid isn’t just good for personal home use. It is ideal to use on transport vehicles, signs, bus shelters and roadway structures, and is used by the Swetra Highways Agency.

2.  Ghost Buster Graffiti Remover

Who ya gonna call? Unfortunately, this won’t help Ray, Peter, Egon and Winston beat paranormal entities, but it will help you bust the ‘ghosts’ left by graffiti, as in the shadowy outlines and marks left after it has been removed. This is often the hardest part of graffiti removal and usually requires heavy cleaning with harsh, sometimes damaging, methods, but Ghost Buster makes this process easy with its specially-formulated solution that dissolves and cuts through these stubborn marks with ease.

3.  Graffiti Wipes

Not all graffiti is a giant mass of colours, names and gang signs made with spray paints done over a period of time. Sometimes it can just be some kid with a marker pen scribbling some childish smut, or someone spraying a smiley face on a statue. In these cases, the best course of action is to just wipe it off. However, this can’t be done with just any supermarket surface wipes. What you need are Graffiti Wipes. These are specially formulated to rapidly break down and remove a whole range of things, including ink, paints, dyes, glue, wax, crayons and marker pens. They work on a variety of surfaces, such as metal, glass and tiles, and come in a small, portable container, making them perfect of quick graffiti removal jobs, such as ones that occur in the classroom, the train carriage and the office.

To see just how well it works, take a look at the before and after shots of this statue.

For the full range of graffiti removal/treatment products, please go to our ‘Home’ page or click here for Graffiti Removal products.