Heavy duty cleaning fluid used to attack and dissolve all types of tough grease, petrol and food oils from hard, water-washable surfaces.

Water based degreasing cleaning fluids are ideal to use on any surface in an industrial setting that is full of oil based lubricants. It can be difficult to ensure a genuinely clean environment when such heavy duty grease is at play. There are many different types of surfaces that can become clogged with oils in the workplace, but APT have developed heavy duty degreasers that will cut through any situation and find the right cleaning solution for the task at hand.

You could be working in the automotive industry, aerospace or food production, the chances are you’ll be used to struggling to clean appliances and surfaces after a day of oils and grease covering up the workspaces. A cleaning solvent that works hard on grease is essential and APT can provide you with the product you need to make a real difference to the effectiveness of your cleaning tasks.

Saves you Time and Energy

Our heavy duty degreasers are so powerful that it won’t always feel like hard work to clean and treat an affected area. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get rid of a greasy surface or to make it even an acceptable level of clean. With our heavy duty degreasers you’ll be wondering how you’ve gone without when you see the finish that is left behind.

Saves Money

Concentrated heavy duty degreasers that are right for your specific requirements will save your company a lot of money in the long run. Not only does buying in bulk from an industrial cleaning chemical supplier ensure that you’ve always got the right supply at a cost effective rate, it also means that you won’t be potentially damaging surfaces by using the wrong type of degreaser.

Makes Surfaces Good as New

It doesn’t matter which industry you work in or what your working environment looks like. At the end of every working day you have to get rid of the grease and oils that could end up clogging up machinery and workspaces if you let them. His can be damaging to productivity and the effectiveness of machinery if left untreated. Heavy duty degreasers cut through the grease leaving behind that shiny surface that you might remember from the first day the workplace opened.

At APT we pride ourselves on providing you with intelligent cleaning solutions no matter which industry you are in and what your specific cleaning task involves. Our products have been thoroughly researched and developed using only the highest quality tools at hand, and you won’t find a better water based degreaser on the marketplace than with us.

In industrial working environments surfaces can become thick with oil and grease and it is important to find the right heavy duty degreaser for your specific requirements. If you have a question for a member of our team we are more than happy to help you figure out which of our degreasers is best for you. Our customer service is a priority as much as the level of development and research that goes into each product that you can find in our heavy duty degreasers section.