The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for cleaner surfaces in areas frequented by employees and the public. Spray disinfectants can only clean and disinfect small areas at a time, can’t sanitise hard to reach areas and don’t kill airborne viruses.

Fogger machines make it easier to disinfect whole areas and are useful whether cleaning a small room or large public spaces. However, choosing the right fogging machine for the type of spaces you intend to disinfect is essential.

What Is A ULV Fogging Machine?

An Ultra-Low Volume or ULV fogging machine can generate high volumes of air at very low pressure. These machines can effectively be used to fog anything from small closed areas to large open areas with disinfecting chemicals or pesticides.

ULV foggers can usually disperse both dry and wet fog, depending on the droplet size required. Dry fog just means that the droplet size is smaller, usually 10 to 15 microns. A wetter fog, more like a mist, is produced with droplets that are between 20 and 30 microns.

The further you need the fog to spread, the smaller the droplets need to be. However, dry fogging is not as effective for disinfection applications. A wet fog with droplets larger than 20 microns thoroughly coats all surfaces.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing Foggers?

It can be challenging to buy fogger machines, especially if you are a first-time buyer. There are many machines available online, some local and some imported. Before buying a ULV fogger, consider the following factors, so you can be sure to buy a good and effective ULV fogger:

1.  Purpose

It will make a difference if you will be using the fogger indoors or outdoors because you will have to consider how far you need the fogger to spray, and what conditions you will be spraying under. You also need to consider what type of solution you will be spraying.

2.  Size And Ease Of Use

The most practical foggers are the portable machines that are easy to control. They have a a good capacity and can spray small and large spaces. However, if you have huge areas and need a machine with a big capacity, then we advise the FO-500 portable machine.

3.  Specifications And Maintenance

Smaller electrical foggers are best for indoor use, whereas larger thermal foggers are more suited for outdoor use. Electrical units come with variations in their output and they can be adjusted for both wet and dry fogging. They are lightweight, user friendly, and affordable. Most lightweight foggers do not have high-maintenance requirements.

4.  Reputable Supplier

It is vital to choose a fogger from a reputable UK supplier. Firstly, the fogger machine will be immediately available. Secondly, you are guaranteed service and parts should you have a problem with the fogger. Thirdly, you will have help if you are unsure which is the right machine for your needs.

APT Fogger Machines And Disinfectant Sprays

APT is the UK commercial chemicals manufacturer and supplier of fogger machines. With over 30 years of experience, they are the trusted suppliers to the NHS and other public and private institutions in the UK. Their range of portable fogging machines are bestsellers, and offer you the best disinfecting and sanitising solutions for all your spaces.

Typically for applications that require a more powerful machine with a reach of 8 – 10 metres, the suggested models are the FO-500 or Storm Cat 7. They are suitable for fogging applications in stadiums, lecture halls, business facilities, etc.

For smaller areas with lower ceilings like offices, restaurants and medical surgeries, you can choose models like the MK4 and EX2.

APT fogging machines are most effective when used with VIROKILL antiviral disinfectant. Available in a Ready to Use formula or Super-Concentrated, VIROKILL RTU is tested to both British and European standards and is manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2015. VIROKILL RTU is food safe, odour free and kills 99.9% of all known viruses and bacteria, including enveloped viruses like COVID-19.