During the winter months, ice can cause significant problems for commercial and industrial companies. An iced over car park or loading bay presents a skidding hazard, whilst an icy ramp or set of steps poses a substanial safety risk to staff and the public. Every year thousands of accidents are attributed to ice, which is why it is crucial to remove the ice quickly and effectively.

If the ice is covering a large area, such as an icy car park, runway, loading bay, or railway, then finding a product that can melt the ice quickly will be necessary. Every minute spent removing the ice is costing your company time and money.

Professional Ice Melter – Ice Break Extreme

Ice Break Extreme is ultra-fast ice melter, which works 8 times faster than rock salt. Used by the NHS and the MOD, this non-corrosive product is not only effective it is also environmentally friendly and will not harm vegetation or wildlife. Composing of 100% pure graded ice melt granules, Ice Break Extreme keeps on working for 48 hours, making it a highly cost-effective solution.

If you are looking to buy an effective ice breaker, then take a look at the APT Commercial Chemicals website - www.aptcommercialchemicals.co.uk/ice-melter-ice-break-extreme. APT Commercial Chemicals are the stockists of Ice Break Extreme, in addition to other ice removal products and equipment.