For companies of any size and stature their cleaning regime is an important aspect of the day to day running of the business and should never be underestimated. At first, a start-up company might continue to buy products straight off the shelf of the local cornershop or supermarket, but this is a nonsensical approach in the mid to long term for any business. Purchasing industrial cleaning supplies will save money, time and provide a higher quality of product with which to perform the tasks at hand.

With that in mind why would you risk not buying industrial cleaning products?

Specific Industrial Cleaning Chemicals for Your Requirements

Let’s take an example of a food production unit or factory. Each day during a shift the counters, machines and floors are likely to become covered in general dirt but also stubborn grease and food based oils. If you haven’t got a link to industrial cleaning supplies you might just have bought large quantities of a general cleaning product with which to clean.

This is a big mistake. A non-specific cleaning chemical might not work properly or you might have to use much larger quantities of it in order to see a real difference to the surface you are cleaning. Also, you could end up damaging the surfaces by using the wrong type of cleaning product. In a food production area you would be better served in purchasing bulk industrial cleaning products that have been developed for your specific needs.

At APT for example we have a range of high quality industrial degreasers that are used in such environments. It will clean the most stubborn grease and oil from services, leaving a shiny and brand new looking food production area, without damaging anything in the process.

Industrial Cleaning Supplies will Stretch Further

If you have a specific task at hand your industrial cleaning supply should reflect this by giving you products that will thoroughly complete the cleaning job and save you money by lasting longer than a general cleaning product, just as the industrial degreaser will.

You’ll see a noticeable difference between using general cleaning products and specific industrial cleaning products in the sheer value for money. Buying scientifically developed products that are of the highest quality, in bulk, will last you much longer than a general cleaning product bought straight off the shelf. You can use less of the substance itself to get the job done, have to put in less physical work to witness real results, and most importantly for any business you’ll save money as a result of the accumulative benefits we’ve mentioned here.

Industrial Cleaning Products with Specialist Advice

We all have to clean, that’s a fact. When it comes to business having the inside knowledge and assistance in some of the worst cleaning scenarios can make a difference to not only your pocket, but the maintenance of your machines and the morale of your staff. APT Chemicals has experience in developing products that actually do what they say they will – we work hard to ensure that our products are up to scratch so you don’t have to rely on supermarket cleaning products that cost more money and could potentially damage your working environment.

Call or email us today for free consultancy advice for any new or existing project.

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