Industrial lubricants are an essential product within many types of industry, especially for engineering companies or for work premises where machinery of all shapes, sizes and volume of production are in use on a daily basis. Choosing the correct industrial lubricant is an important choice to make as it can ensure either a smooth running operation on the factory floor, or cause problems further down the line that can disrupt production and cost a company time and money.

If you work within an environment where heavy machinery is involved and there are many working parts to keep running and prevent from being worn down too quickly, the cleaning chemicals you use becomes an important acquisition. Industrial lubricants can clean vital components of your working machinery and ensure that they are maintained at a high level of function for longer.

The wrong choice of industrial lubricants can damage machinery, delay production and cause long term problems for your company – so beware and take time to make the right choice.

Industrial lubricants perform a vital function – but what exactly do they do?

Keep Moving Parts Apart from Each Other

Moving parts in machinery are best kept away from each other. Industrial lubricants are used to keep moving parts separate. The lubrication acts as a thin barrier between the moving parts and this is essential, especially in heavy industry, to prevent on-going friction and surface fatigue. The right industrial lubricant in this situation will prevent over heating of parts that are coming into contact with each other in high pressure environments.

Clean & Maintain Machinery Parts

The cleaning side of a lubricant is also a vital function. Not only are you looking to prevent long term damage caused by high friction (see above) but you also need to choose and industrial lubricant which will clean the smallest areas of a machine. Some lubricants also contain anti-wear qualities to delay the natural process of machinery wearing down over time.

Prevent Rust

We have taken time to develop our industrial lubricants to ensure every base is covered. Our high quality lubricants have been formulated with corrosion prevention in mind, combined with additives that will prevent rust through the exclusion of moisture from the surface area once applied.

Wider Range of Industrial Lubricants

We understand at APT that a company that relies on machinery and manufacturing equipment 365 days per year has to make the correct choices when it comes to industrial lubricants. Breakdowns can and do happen and sometimes they are unavoidable, but choosing the highest quality of product to begin with will give you a better chance to keep a smooth running operation where machinery is involved.

You’ll find a wide range of industrial lubricants available in our store, from lubricating oils and greases, to specialist chemical degreasers. We have industrial lubricants that are suited to high temperatures and others that are completely safe to use on machinery in a food production area.

Our team has knowledge and expertise to help you make the right choices for your specific company, products and machinery. We are a well oiled machine and we can help you stay one too with industrial lubricants for all types of industry.