Removing dirt, grease and oil is necessary on a large scale in industrial sectors such as engineering, transport and manufacturing. Solvent cleaners effectively dissolve tough dirt and grease, making the removal of these deposits quick and easy.

There are numerous safe and effective solvent cleaners to choose from, an example of which is Citrus RTU. Citrus RTU is a solvent degreaser and glue remover that is extensively used in the transport and engineering sector. Ideal for cleaning machinery, vehicles, gearboxes and workshop floors, this degreaser penetrates and dissolves heavy grease and dirt. Many companies show concern that solvent cleaners are unsafe, however Citrus RTU is free from hazardous solvents and is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to other solvent-based cleaners on the market.

Industrial Solvent Cleaners from APT Commercial Chemicals

APT Commercial Chemicals stocks Citrus RTU, along with other popular solvent cleaners such as Kagez 703 and Microtec 41-80. If you require the tough cleaning power of industrial solvent cleaners then take a look at the APT Commercial Chemicals website for their full range of solvent cleaner products.