Unveiling the Power of Ultraclean MB: Your Ultimate Multi Purpose Cleaning Solution

In the realm of multi purpose cleaning products, the quest for a single, versatile solution that transcends industries and tasks while maintaining its efficacy is a perpetual pursuit. At APT, we take pride in reintroducing a timeless champion among our offerings – Ultraclean MB, our most sought-after multi purpose cleaning product that has been reimagined for modern needs.

Efficiency Unleashed: Saving Time and Resources

The hallmark of an exceptional multi purpose cleaning product lies in its ability to seamlessly tackle an array of tasks with proficiency. Beyond surface cleansing, it must possess the finesse to eradicate stubborn soils, disinfect rigorously, and erase stains from various surfaces. With Ultraclean MB, we have not only engineered a product to streamline multi purpose cleaning regimens but also to optimise cost-effectiveness across product usage and labor allocation.

Elevating Productivity in Cleaning Endeavors

Deploying multi purpose cleaning solutions has a transformative impact on the efficiency of your workforce, translating into heightened productivity and potentially curtailed labor expenditures for your dedicated cleaning teams. Given that labour costs tend to outweigh multi purpose cleaning expenses, any intervention that aids the custodial staff ultimately results in enhanced efficacy.

Introducing Ultraclean MB: A Revelation in Cleaning Technology

Ultraclean MB emerges as the pinnacle of innovation, setting a new benchmark for all-in-one multi purpose cleaning and degreasing solutions. A testament to progress, Ultraclean MB stands unrivalled in its class as a super-concentrated, food-safe multi purpose cleaning solution adaptable to diverse industries and circumstances.

Certified to meet the exacting standards of British Standards EN 1276 and comply with the Food Standards Agency, this exceptional formula, when diluted at a ratio of 1 to 50 parts with water, equates to an astonishing £0.05p per liter. This economical advantage, coupled with its superior cleaning prowess, positions Ultraclean MB as a remarkable investment for establishments seeking efficiency without compromise.

Distinguished by its formidable composition, Ultraclean MB incorporates a specialised primary biocide, benzalkonium chloride, renowned for obliterating an astounding 99.99% of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This exceptional performance surpasses the recommended kill rate, ensuring that your environment is not only clean but also thoroughly disinfected.

In a world driven by time-sensitive demands, Ultraclean MB is a game-changer. Its rapid action formula eradicates viruses and bacteria within a mere 60 seconds, offering comprehensive disinfection in minimal time. This feature not only enhances productivity but also provides peace of mind in knowing that your spaces are safe and sanitised swiftly.

A Versatile Asset Across Varied Industries

Ultraclean MB transcends sectors, finding purpose in a spectrum of commercial spaces. From bustling commercial kitchens to intricate food processing facilities, educational institutions, breweries, and critical healthcare establishments, it proves its mettle consistently. Nationally acclaimed as the paramount kitchen degreaser, it effortlessly sanitises and disinfects catering equipment, kitchen surfaces, flooring, walls, and all rigid substrates.

For those seeking the transformative power of Ultraclean MB, whether for sprawling commercial enterprises or personal spaces, our expert team stands ready to provide comprehensive information and guidance. Embrace the future of multipurpose cleaning with Ultraclean MB, your steadfast partner in conquering even the most demanding hygiene challenges.

Secure Your Ultraclean MB Today

Unlock the potential of Ultraclean MB and experience a new era of cleaning efficacy. Trusted by esteemed clients such as the NHS, Hovis, Morrisons, and more, its reputation resonates excellence. With Ultraclean MB, you’re not just investing in a cleaning product; you’re investing in a cleaner, safer future.

Contact our expert team to learn more about Ultraclean MB’s unmatched capabilities and how it can revolutionise your multi purpose cleaning routines. Secure your Ultraclean MB today and take the first step towards a cleaner, healthier environment for all.