Cleaning requires more thinking than you’d first imagine. There are of course the general cleaning duties to contend with, a daily general clean that leaves areas fresh and shiny as if brand new. This is for a cosmetic and hygiene reason – with washrooms being a location on any site that requires a deeper clean, with specific cleaning chemicals to suit. The same can be said of any sort of machinery where you have to purchase parts cleaner.

Within our range of parts cleaners you’ll find something for you. It can be difficult without the knowledge of industrial cleaning products to fully clean the smallest areas and parts of machinery. It can also be a minefield. If you choose the wrong type of cleaning fluid when cleaning small and fiddly parts of machinery you could be in danger of:

At APT we sell parts cleaner in various sizes and for various uses. You might have fiddly parts that require a deep clean. You can achieve that by soaking some parts in our cleaning chemicals. Others can be fully cleaned by using sprays to agitate loose dirt and rust to ensure all surfaces and hidden areas of machine parts are reached and cleaned.

We also understand that depending on what industry you’re in, and what type of parts and surfaces require cleaning, the fluid will change accordingly. Many people look at their budget first and attempt to take a short cut in all types of cleaning. Especially when it comes to parts cleaner this is folly – the wrong chemical could set you and your company back with a whole host of problems relating to the functionality of the machines and systems the parts were from.

By choosing the correct parts cleaner for your needs you are ensuring a smooth running operation and saving time and money in the long run when compared with choosing a general (or downright wrong) product to clean parts from the outset.

We believe in choice of quality products at APT Chemicals – and with our range of parts cleaners you’ll be able to find and purchase the correct cleaning chemical for your specific requirements. Add to that the in-depth knowledge and assistance you’ll receive from our customer service team and you’ll see why buying from a renowned industrial cleaning supplier is much more preferable to buying a general cleaning product in your local shop.

To discover more about our range of parts cleaners and to discuss your own needs and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us today. We’re always happy to guide and advise our customers on how our high quality cleaning chemicals have been developed for various industries and situations. So if you’re after an industrial parts cleaner for use on heavy machinery or something lighter that will clean small parts on your bicycle, we’ll be able to help.