Graffiti costs private business and home owners a lot of money to remove. Depending on your situation, the type of surface that has been vandalised and the materials used to deface your property, there are a few different options you can consider to remove the graffiti, and/or put in place preventative measures to stop vandals from hitting you in the future with obscene and offensive markings.

Surfaces can widely vary, from brickwork to concrete, aluminium, pavements and bus stops. Each will have a different level of resistance and a different reaction to certain cleaning chemicals. Alongside this the type of materials used by vandals isn’t always the spray can that has become associated with graffiti. They can use marker pen, paint, makeup or polish.

Another problem you have to consider is how long the graffiti has been present. The longer graffiti has been on a surface, as with any type of dirt you’re trying to clean away from a surface, the harder it will be to fully remove. So what are your options?

Pressure Washing

Mixing water with a graffiti removing solvent and applying to the affected area with a pressure washer is a fantastic way to combat graffiti which has been present for a long enough period of time to become stubborn and resistant to other methods. Choosing the right cleaning chemical is crucial however, as you do not want to damage the surface underneath. If you are in need of a larger area to be cleaned of graffiti with blasting equipment it may be best to call out a professional team who can deal with any situation, no matter the area size or stubbornness of the graffiti in question.

Sacrificial Surface

A sacrificial surface is something you can apply to an area to prevent permanent damage. It could be a removable protective film that acts as a barrier and catches any graffiti or marks to the surface and which you can then remove, leaving a clean, undamaged surface behind. Certain coatings, or anti-graffiti gels can be applied to areas to provide this type of insurance against vandalism, and the anti-graffiti paint mentioned above is also a great sacrificial coating as a vandal can try all they like to graffiti over it, but they will struggle much more than a normal surface. The substrate below remains intact and clean from surface damage and markings.

Removing with Chemical Products

There are a few different options when it comes to chemical cleaning products aimed at removing graffiti from surfaces. No matter the type of surface you will be able to find a chemical product that can remove it. It’s about choosing the right one for the surface you need to clean without leaving a permanent damaged area where graffiti once was. The stronger a solvent is the faster it is likely to remove the paint/graffiti from the surface area. For smaller areas of graffiti you can quite simply use a brush, cloth or anti-graffiti wipe to apply the cleaning product to the surface. Or larger jobs there may be the necessity for an industrial graffiti remover and some heavier equipment.

Paint it Out

If the surface in question isn’t one that you particularly want to use cleaning chemicals on then there is another option. By painting over the surface you can remove the graffiti from sight safely and without potentially damaging the surface. This approach is best on surfaces which are smooth and already painted. As a way of adding insurance you can use anti-graffiti paint which not only covers the problem, but has been designed to be incredibly tough and resistant against damage and vandalism. 

Need a Fast Response to Vandalism?

If you have a commercial property which has been damaged by vandals and requires immediate attention we do have a team in place to help you with your problem. Contact APT-ICC Ltd (Our sister company) and they’ll help you out with a fast response. Should you be suffering from offensive or abusive graffiti, or graffiti which covers a large area and is causing an embarrassment to your company it’s better to remove it as soon as possible and limit the potential damage to your brand and reputation. Visit the graffiti removal service page for more information on how our rapid response team can help.