During the winter months iced over windscreens can become a significant problem for companies with a fleet of vehicles. With the majority of bus companies, haulage companies, van delivery fleets and highway agencies beginning work in the early hours, removing ice can become a common and time-consuming issue. Utilising a strong de-icer, which contains chemicals to prevent re-freezing, is a timesaving and cost-effective solution.

Thaw-Out Professional De-Icer

Comprising of a solvent based, water-free formula, this de-icer is ideal for use on windscreens. Capable of removing thick ice at sub-zero temperatures, this de-icer is available as a spray or in a handy, easy-to-use aerosol can or trigger pack. The smear-free formula is highly concentrated, which means that a little goes a long way. These economical benefits of this strong de-icer make it the number one choice for large companies.

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Thaw Out Professional De-Icer is available at APT Commercial Chemicals, stockists of commercial, janitorial and industrial cleaning products and equipment. Find out more by visiting the website – www.aptcommercialchemicals.co.uk/product/de-icer-thawout.