This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has placed the urgency of deep cleaning and sanitisation front and centre in all settings; whether domestic, industrial, educational or social. An epidemic as virulent and far reaching as this one has been has created the requirement for a new way of making sure every surface is deep cleaned and any trace of the virus eliminated.

Fogging machines are often used in pest control but virus elimination is one of the areas in which fogging machines excel. Is it time you considered investing in one?

How Does A Fogging Machine Work?

The versatility of a fogger means that it can be carried easily by one person to reach into every nook and cranny of the area to be cleaned. The machine works by using valve-regulated pressure to expel a fine targeted mist of anti-bacterial and disinfecting chemicals to areas as diverse as hard surfaces or porous textiles, and into the air ensuring a thorough treatment to control disease and odour at the same time. Some fogging machines can spray up to 12 metres in distance.

Fogging machines are proving their worth as effective and efficient sanitisers when used with an antiviral disinfectant, a specialist chemical which is capable of quickly killing a wide range of pathogenic viruses, and this makes them particularly suitable for clinical environments.

Where Can I Use A Fogging Machine?

Because they are effective on a wide variety of hard and soft surfaces the sanitising capabilities of a fogger are especially good in hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics and veterinary clinics. In kitchen and catering premises all hard surfaces like food preparation areas, fridges, freezers, walls, cupboards, trolleys and pvc curtains can quickly be made safe for human contact. Even soft surfaces such as curtains and cushions can be given the once over by a fogger although you should be careful to check that any delicate fabric will not be damaged by the chemicals.

Fogging machines are effective in other areas of the food industry that you may not have thought of such as within the dairy, pig and poultry industries. Milking parlours, sow and weaner sheds and poultry hatcheries can be speedily sanitised to avoid any kind of pollution which would be costly to the agricultural industry in terms of time and money.

Any workplace where there is regular and persistent use of computer equipment, desks and even rest rooms can all benefit from this form of sanitisation as can greenhouses in garden centres or other humid areas. Fogging machines can efficiently sanitise indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile and highly effective choice for those businesses aiming to keep the virus, and other germs of course, away from their premises.

Whether you’re a cleaning company looking to offer a new service to your clients, or a business aiming to lower the risk of staff, customers and visitors contracting anything from your premises, a fogging machine may be just what you need to help make your business COVID secure.

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