This isn’t the easiest of questions to answer as a lot will depend on the nature of the factory floor and the soiling that you want to remove. Here at APT, because we have a quarter of a century’s worth of experience in commercial and industrial cleaning, we are uniquely placed to advise you. In our range of factory floor cleaning products, you are sure to find something to suit your situation.

Why Clean A Factory Floor?

A dirty factory floor gives the wrong message about your company to both visitors and employees, it suggests that a sloppy approach is acceptable. Potential clients on seeing a dirty factory will have less trust in your products and your sales could suffer. Providing your employees with a clean environment in which to work will inspire them to take more of a pride in what they do, meaning a lower percentage of items failing quality control, giving your company a great reputation in your field.

Apart from the financial considerations, a clean factory floor will avoid health and safety issues – greasy soiling can be very slippery, especially when staff enter with wet footwear. Using the best possible product to clean a factory floor can therefore reduce the probability of accidents.

Cleaning Floors In The Engineering And Automotive Industries

The most common soiling on engineering factory floors is a combination of oil and grease binding together dust, swarf and other particles that have been walked or blown into the factory. The best cleaning product is therefore a degreaser. If the grime has been present for many years, it will require a water soluble solvent degreaser like Citracleanse, applied at a 1:20 dilution to remove it completely since it will be deeply ingrained into the floor. Additional spot applications of a non-dilutable solvent degreaser like Citrus RTU is the best approach where soiling is particularly bad.

Once it has been removed, and your factory floor returned to its pristine condition, regular maintenance with an extremely economical water based degreaser like Citracleanse at an economical dilution of 1:200 is the best way to keep the factory floor clean.

Another reason why citracleanse is the best product to clean a factory floor is that it will even remove rubber marks left by the passage of fork lift trucks and other warehouse vehicles.

The Best Products To Clean Floors In Food Factories

As a manager of a food factory, you will no doubt always be under pressure to ensure that your factory floors are clean and hygienic. You require a powerful degreaser that is able to remove food-specific floor soiling that is acceptable for use in a catering and food production environment. Such products can be budget-busting, however, at APT, we understand that cleaning budgets can be limited so we have produced a range of products that deliver the best results at a price that enables you to control your company spending.

For areas that are bacteria sensitive, the best possible floor cleaning product is Ultraclean MB, an eco-friendly, odour-free and highly concentrated degreaser and sanitiser. This fast acting product meets BS EN1276 and is economical to use.

For general food factory floor cleaning, the best product is UltraMax 2020 (PowerMax 2020) which easily removes fats, oils, blood and other food residues. In common with the other cleaning products mentioned here, it can be used manually or with floor cleaning machinery.