Graffiti has become a problem in the UK over recent years, with private business owners and local councils often having to shoulder the costs of clean-up and putting in places preventative measures. Over the years you may have come across graffiti on your property and struggled with how to firstly effectively remove it, and secondly, prevent it from happening again. It can be difficult but there are products and services available to help you.

A Keep Britain Tidy report on criminal damage highlighted the cost of graffiti by stating that as far back as 2000 there was a clean-up cost associated with graffiti of £890 on a public sector or commercial building and £510 on private land. This cost was for each individual act of graffiti so you can imagine when this adds up it is one staggering amount. Another statistic highlights the direct costs to the rail network in the UK as being at least £5 million each and every year, and this is before you take into account the indirect costs of lost revenue and associated delays whilst clean up operations take place.

What Can You Do About Graffiti?

In the not too distant past you’d have been cursing your luck that someone had defaced your property with ‘street art’. Best case scenario you might be able to borrow a pressure washer from somewhere and use up valuable time trying to force the art of your walls with sheer power and unless you used the right product you would still be left with most on your walls.

There are many different types of cleaning chemicals out there and preventative anti-vandal paint, but it’s hard to know where to go on the market to buy truly effective graffiti removal products. However, cleaning products just keep getting better and better across the board however and as science develops so do new ways in which to clean away myriad types of graffiti.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Chemicals And Equipment From APT

No matter what type of graffiti you were faced with, in terms of materials and paint used, or the size of the problem, the products we have at APT are guaranteed to help you out. Our specially formulated graffiti removal chemicals and equipment will help you remove graffiti not just once, but for good. And the best part of it all is that we provide eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. You’ll be cleaning up your own micro-environment without harming the wider environment.

We’ve can supply you with:

No matter what the vandals are throwing at your property we’ll have the answer and the longer term solution to keep them at bay. We’ve been supplying graffiti removal products for over a quarter of a decade now, so if you need help to decide which graffiti removal chemicals or anti-graffiti products is right for you please call and a member of our team will be able to talk it through with. Graffiti is a blight on society when it targets private homes and businesses, with the costs causing damage to the owners in question, don’t be a prisoner to vandalism, take control and find the graffiti removal products and equipment to help you.