There’s nothing quite as bad as a blocked drain or pipe in our experience. Whether at home or in a work setting a blocked drain will cause unpleasant smells, hygiene hazards for those in the vicinity and could end up costing quite a bit of money to fix.

Choosing the right products to clean drains is essential, as is choosing the right daily products for your washrooms to ensure an effective level of maintenance for your toilets, pipes and drains. Prevention is far better than cure and if you should set in place an effective cleaning routine using the right products and taking the correct level of care, a blocked drain or pipe should never have to take place.

Here we discuss how keeping your toilet and urinals in good health will lessen the potential future impact of a blocked drain.

The Problems of a Dirty Water System – Keep Your Toilet in Order

If you don’t regularly maintain the pipework linked to your toilets and bathrooms it can quickly become a problem. Urinals in particular often succumb to a build up of hair, uric crystals and limescale in the water. Eventually if the problem isn’t dealt with, this can cause the pipes to become blocked.

Another major problem found in many toilet areas, both public and industrial, is that the odour can become quite powerful in a nauseating way. Limescale and uric acid crystals will build up in a urinal or toilet. They will then only hold on to any lingering smells and bacteria, causing a really unpleasant smell that is difficult to shift.

We have all seen urinal blocks in toilets aimed at sanitising and deodorising the immediate area, but a preventative measure would be much more successful.

Commercial Toilet Cleaners

The first thing you should do to ensure your toilets, bathrooms and drains remain clean is to put in place a regular, daily if possible, cleaning routine. The bathroom is something that everybody needs to use on a daily basis and keeping the area as clean as possible is a priority that must be stuck to.

Our industrial cleaning chemicals and drain cleaners have been developed to kill 80% of bad odours at the source – add to that the quality of product and the inside knowledge of the industry that we have and drain and toilet cleaners from APT will save you time and money. You’ll never have to purchase urinal blocks and deodorisers again as we’ll help you prevent the bad smells in the first place.

Drain Cleaners as an Effective Regular Tool

Sometimes no matter what you try as a preventative measure a blocked drain still becomes a reality and it is good practice however to regularly clean your drains in all circumstances as the long term effects of no maintenance can be horrific for your finances and nostrils, as we’ve discussed.

We have a range of industrial drain cleaners that are concentrated and multi-purpose in many cases. So you can buy a high quality drain cleaner that combats grease, fat and oil, keeps away bad odours and fully cleans your drainage system. For a more in-depth look at how our team can help you, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.