APT offers an unequalled range of fogging machines for sale, with free next-day delivery throughout the UK. The information below should help you better understand the technology and empower you to buy well based on your requirements.

How Do Fogging Machines Work?

Fogging machines (also known as foggers or fogger machines) release a fine fog of disinfectant and biocides into the air. This fog will typically remain airborne for approximately 10 minutes. After this time, the particles will fall onto surfaces within the room.

The disinfectant particles may also permeate crevices and soft materials, including upholstery and furnishings. These hard-to-reach areas often harbour pathogens which may not be killed by conventional surface-cleaning methods.

Types Of Disinfectant Foggers

There are 3 primary methods of fogging: Dry fogging, wet fogging and electrostatic fogging:

Our ULV or cold fogging machines can be set to produce either wet or dry fog with a simple adjustment of the nozzle. Electrostatic fogging requires a more sophisticated machine – such as our Space Dragon 20 Electrostatic Fogging Machine Backpack.

Are Fogging Machines Effective Against Viruses?

Fogging can treat the air as well as both hard and soft surfaces. Because of this, fogging machines have become a popular tool in the fight against virus’s. The quick and minimally disruptive nature of the process makes fogging a go-to solution for businesses and organisations in a variety of sectors.

The precise effectiveness of disinfectant fogging depends upon the quality of the fogging machine and the type and strength of the disinfectant used. Certain formulations are effective against specific pathogens; others kill a broader spectrum of micro-organisms. Naturally, the usage instructions should be followed closely in order to achieve optimal results.

It’s important to understand that environmental conditions and a variety of other factors can influence the effectiveness of disinfectant fogging.

Why Buy A Fogging Machine From APT?

The pandemic has sparked a surge in demand for fogging machines. Unfortunately, much of this demand is being met by profiteers offering low-quality fogging machines for sale on platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Many of these sellers lack industry experience; many do not even hold insurance. Often, their disinfectant fogging machines are manufactured cheaply in China and may not comply with EU standards.

We Do Not Claim To Sell The Cheapest Fogging Machines In The UK…

Instead, we ask you to weigh our credentials against those of our competitors:

✔ APT is a UK-based company

✔ We have been a leader in the commercial cleaning sector for three decades

✔ We’ve served tens of thousands of customers across the UK and Europe

✔ We are a trusted supplier to the NHS and front-line service providers

Quality is Our Primary Focus

At APT, we have complete faith in the quality of the fogging machines that we sell:

✔ Our fogging machines are purchased from Europe

✔ Each machine comes with a safety kite mark and 3-pin plug

✔ Our machines are provided with a 12-month warranty

✔ You will receive a full user guide and RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) documentation

✔ Many of our fogging machine & disinfectant packages include a free PPE kit

While many manufacturers supply their machines alone, our prices are inclusive of VIROKILL disinfectant

Fogging Machine Disinfectant Liquid

A fogging machine is only as effective as the disinfectant liquid it’s used with. By working with consultant chemists, we are able to ensure the conformity of our products.

✔ VIRO-KILL is an amphoteric-based disinfectant

✔ The product is powerful, fast-acting and low odour

✔ Food safe and suitable for use in food manufacturing/processing plants

Can be purchased as a highly concentrated formula (Super Concentrated VIROKILL) or a ready-to-use liquid disinfectant (RTU VIROKILL)

Suitable Uses

VIROKILL is suitable for use in a diverse range of environments. These include public buildings, leisure centres, sports and social clubs, offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, food-preparation/transportation/processing environments and agricultural settings.

With Us, The Sale Is Just The Start

Most experts believe that the pandemic will continue deep into 2021. Uncertainty around the creation of a viable vaccine makes it impossible to predict an end date to the current crisis. Added to this, societies are likely to embrace more stringent sanitisation measures to better protect public safety – even after the pandemic has ended.

With all of this in mind, it’s vital to buy a fogger machine from a supplier capable of providing long-term support.

At APT, we pride ourselves on our exceptional standards of customer care – both before and after the sale. Working with consultant chemists enables us to offer expert guidance, and we are happy to provide individually tailored pre-sale advice based on our 30+ years of industry experience.

You are welcome to reach out for on-demand support via our free-phone number: 0800 0723 773.

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