In the not too distant past industrial cleaning supplies, and especially degreasers, would have been solvent based only. This could be quite expensive for companies who required large quantities of products and had to ensure large areas were fully maintained and cleaned on a daily basis. Add to that the environmental impact of the substances used and the packages with which to deliver them and you can see why companies started to move away from them.

The Benefits of Water Based Degreasers

In our time we’ve always looked to continue to develop and improve our product range and our water based degreasers are no different. But why do we believe in water based degreasers to be a high quality choice of industrial cleaning product?

Different Water Based Degreasers for Different Surfaces

Thoroughly Clean Small and Important Parts

One of the major areas of cleaning which benefit from water based degreasers is the cleaning of parts. Whether machine parts or within the auto industry it can be difficult to find a cleaning product that will fully deal with grease, oil, dirt and grime in an effective way without ruining the surfaces or causing long term damage to the very thing you’re trying to clean.

Choose the Right Degreaser for the Surface You’re Cleaning

Aside from that you would be looking to purchase a different type of water based degreaser for aluminium surfaces than you would should you be requiring an industrial cleaning chemical which is good at removing rust and maintaining surfaces afterwards to prevent rust from forming. This type of cleaning is so important to certain industries as the problems rust can cause to a production line for instance is incalculable to some companies.

Cut Through Dirt, Grease and Oils with Ease

In food production units or areas where there has been plenty of oil and grease forming over the working hours, you require a cleaning product which can easily cut through the toughest of dirt and stains and leave behind a surface that looks brand new, is safe to use, and won’t hamper the preparations for the next working day.

Choosing the Right Water Based Degreaser

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about our range of water based cleaning products and degreasers, we would be more than happy to help. We appreciate that every person and company has a different outlook, budget, ideals and cleaning requirements and look to offer bespoke guidance and advice from person to person accordingly.

Water based cleaning has many benefits, from a green point of view and for your bank balance. We’ll be happy to talk you through each product and find a suitable water based degreaser that will go the extra mile for you.