One of the major causes of road traffic accidents during the winter months is poor visibility. Whether the road ahead is obscured by blizzard conditions, or an icy windscreen hasn’t been adequately cleared, the results could be fatal. It is therefore essential to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the driver, the passengers and the public.

During cold winter weather, a vehicle’s windscreen will often be obscured by thick ice. This can be time consuming to scrape off, particularly if you have a large vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles to contend with. In the case of the emergency services or public transport, it is not an option to waste valuable minutes removing the ice. In these instances it is essential to carry out proper winter car care, by utilising a de-icing spray. Thaw Out Professional De-Icer is designed to work at sub zero temperatures down to -15 degrees. Additionally, it contains a special formula of ingredients to prevent re-freeze. Using the spray bottle, a vehicle’s windscreen can be clear in seconds.

Whilst out on the road, a vehicle’s windscreen may become obscured by ice, debris or snow. This is a particular issue for vehicles working throughout the night, whilst taking regular stops, such as haulage vehicles and public transport. Investing in a concentrated screen wash is essential for winter car care. Solution 5000 Screenwash is effective in sub-zero formula and does not affect a vehicle’s paintwork or rubber seals. This allows the window to stay clear, without the driver even having to leave the vehicle.

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