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APT’s Alumium Cleaner, Metasoak HDI is a versatile, non-caustic, alkaline, aluminium cleaner, degreaser and decarboniser. This alumium cleaner is used by Balfour Beatty, Tarmac, BMW & many more.

  • Safe, aqueous & low-foaming formula which has been designed for maximum cleaning & degreasing
  • Removes the toughest carbon & oil deposits
  • Perfect parts washer fluid
  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable
  • Used in manual dip tanks for heavily contaminated parts
  • 5L bottle + water = 500L of Metasoak HDI

£0.05 per litre when diluted

Sizes: 2 x 5 litres | 4 x 5 litres | 25 litres

£61.60 for 2 x 5L

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 x 210 litres (210 litres), 1 x 25 litres (25 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 x 210 litres (210 litres), 1 x 25 litres (25 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)


Metasoak HDI: The Versatile Non-Caustic Aluminium Cleaner

Metasoak HDI is a highly versatile non-caustic alkaline metal & alumium cleaner, degreaser, and decarboniser. Specifically designed for cleaning
aluminium and emulsifying surface buildup in the engineering industries, it excels in environments where soil loading is high. This alumium cleaner can be used in manual dip tanks, manual or automatic parts washers, and ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Powerful and Safe Aluminium Cleaning

Metasoak HDI contains an effective corrosion inhibition system for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. With its low-foaming properties, it ensures maximum removal of oil and carbon during the aluminium cleaning process, making it ideal for carb cleaning as well. The non-caustic formula makes it completely safe to use on:

  • Aluminium parts
  • Most metal and alloy components
  • Parts sensitive to caustic-based degreasers


Ideal for Ultrasonic Cleaning and Parts Washers

Metasoak HDI is an excellent choice for ultrasonic cleaning, as it rapidly eliminates heavy buildup during parts cleaning operations. It is undoubtedly one of the best aluminium cleaners available for use in parts washers.

Degreasing Excellence

Suitable for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Metasoak HDI’s non-caustic properties make it particularly effective for cleaning aluminium, degreasing, and decarbonising processes. It effortlessly removes fats, oils, greases, carbon deposits, and grime. In engineering, road, and rail transport sectors, its applications include:

  • Decarbonising valves and other metal engine parts
  • Stripping coatings
  • Removing waxes
  • Efficiently pre-treating metal surfaces for new coatings


Metasoak HDI sets the benchmark for aluminium cleaning, providing powerful degreasing and decarbonising capabilities while ensuring the utmost safety for sensitive parts. Trust Metasoak HDI as your ultimate non-caustic solution for achieving immaculate aluminium surfaces and preparing metal components for further treatments.


How to use?

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Metasoak HDI is a water-based degreaser which is ideal for removing all tenacious grease, carbonised deposits and heavy residue build up from or metal including aluminium; glass, painted and plastic components. Use cold or hot up to 70ºC and dilute in the tank with up to 60-part water for most ultrasonic cleaning operations to achieve maximum results.

Dip Tanks

Use in a welded mild steel tank with a close-fitting lid. Dilute to between 1:30 and 1:10 depending on soil loading. For the removal of stubborn soils such as carbon on aluminium blocks and baking trays for example, use at a temperature of 85ºC; a soak time of 2 hours may be necessary. Rinse with clean water.

Spray Washers

Use at between 1:100 to 1:20 depending on soil loading. Temperature operation should be 70-90ºC. A rinse stage is required with Metasoak HDI.


  • Low foaming
  • Non-caustic formula
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Contains effective ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibition systems
  • A safe, aqueous degreaser, cleaner and decarboniser
  • Fast-working formulation saves you time and money
  • Versatility – many uses in the engineering and food industries
  • Part washer system – the perfect parts cleaner
  • Effectiveness – low foaming ensures maximium cleaning and degreasing
  • Powerful – Metasoak removes the toughest carbon and oil deposits
  • Safety – it is environmentally friendly and rapidly biodegradable


Safety, Storage & Handling

The aluminium cleaner is a multi-use all-in-one non-caustic degreasing product meaning you may be able to lower your storage costs. For more safety, storage, and handling information, please contact us.

12 reviews for Alumium Cleaner – Metasoak HDI

  1. aptcommercialchemicals

    We have been using this in our manufacturing plant as our machinery is aluminium and we have found this aluminium cleaner to work really well.

  2. aptcommercialchemicals

    A little bit of this aluminium cleaner goes a long long way! We have been really impressed with the results.

  3. aptcommercialchemicals

    We manufacture car parts and have found this aluminium cleaner to work really quickly.

  4. aptcommercialchemicals

    Fast delivery. Fast acting aluminium cleaner and restorer.

  5. aptcommercialchemicals

    This aluminum cleaner works really well and removes some of the toughest deposits that other products have been unable to tackle.

  6. aptcommercialchemicals

    I use this aluminum brightener daily and find it to work really quickly.

  7. aptcommercialchemicals

    This aluminum cleaner is brilliant at removing rust and rust stains from all metals. Didn’t exactly follow the instructions but this aluminium brightener worked wonders

  8. aptcommercialchemicals

    Having spent all day trying to remove rust stains from patio slabs without any luck. I rang APT and Cath suggested their aluminum cleaner product, having tried various rust remover products I was not expecting much however to my surprise after following the directions, rust had gone patio looks like new I am now a very pleased and will be recommending to my friends!

  9. aptcommercialchemicals

    We tried lots of other aluminum cleaners and bought this a last attempt to remove rust spots on the school drive and it worked! Cheers APT.

  10. aptcommercialchemicals

    We use this at our car garage as an alloy cleaner and find it works well!

  11. Guest

    This product left our vehicles looking as good as new,
    After several uses we still remain with a substantial amount of product left.

  12. Guest

    Definitely did the job, left everything looking brand new.

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