Want To Buy Anti-viral Disinfectant Sanitisers

Anti-viral Sanitisers and disinfectants are very versatile and ideal for all hard surface sanitising of small and large unit premises. They are supplied in various pack sizes: 5 ltr, 25 ltr and 750 ml ready to use sprays.

There are a limited number of specialist suppliers who can provide cost effective concentrated versions of anti-viral sanitising solutions and refills which also reduces plastic waste.

Acid based antiviral disinfectants such as peracetic acid are very effective and strong but are very limited in use and versatility, they should only be used by a professional as they are not user friendly. These should be avoided from contact or near any soft home furnishings due to their crude nature. They are normally only used in external cleaning tasks and by trained operatives for specialist tasks.

Hypochlorite – Hypochlorous acid, (acidic electrolyzed water) is very safe and effective for all sanitising methods however, unless you invest in a fully installed electrolysis system machine to produce your own material you are restricted in access to supplies of product and can work out to be very expensive.

Alcohol based anti-bacterial sanitisers – these are normally used for instant in-situ and mobile cleaning tasks such as surface sanitising via spray and wipe, leave dry method, small surface operation desktops and worktops surfaces etc. These are not suitable for large-scale sanitising applications.

Q. Which Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Buy Antiviral Surfaces Sanitising Products In The UK?

A. The most versatile and cost-effective antiviral surfaces sanitising products are the ones based on high quality anti-bactericidal ingredients which kill covid 19 virus and other harmful organisms.

Q. Should I Buy A Concentrated Or Ready To Use Virus Disinfectant?

A. Ready to use sanitising products are ideal for small surface cleaning tasks however, these can work out much more expensive compared to concentrate products.

Concentrated and Super Concentrate anti-viral disinfectants are very economical some work out at just a few pence per litre in use, they take up far less space storage space and reduce plastic waste. With APT Viro Kill Super Concentrate you get 49 times more product for your money, as this can be diluted up to 50 parts with water.

Q. What Is The Best Way To Sanitise Hard Surfaces?

A. That well depend on you chosen method. Do you want a manual sanitizing method such as spray wipe cleaning, swabbing washing, soaking or mopping? APT`s VIROKILL is so versatile it can be used for all hard surface cleaning applications. It is safe to use in kitchens, food retail and on any surface.

Q. Can I Use Anti Viral Disinfectants Through Mechanical Floor Scrubbing Machines, Pressure Washing Equipment Or Commercial Floor Washing?

A. Yes – You can use some antiviral solutions for sanitising methods. APT’s VIROKILL is ideal for these cleaning applications and can be used safely through all mechanical floor cleaning and pressure washing machines.

Q. Can I Use Anti-viral Disinfectant In Fogging Machines?

A. Some antiviral disinfectant can be used through your fogger machines check with your manufacturer. APT’s specialised antiviral formula is safe to use through all APT portable fogging machines.

Q. What Are Fogging Machines Used For?

A. Fogging machines are the best way to quickly and effectively fully disinfect and sanitise all size rooms spaces even large halls and communal spaces in the shortest timescale.

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Q.How Do I Buy Good Quality Virus Killing Sanitisers Or Disinfectant Products?

A. You should always buy from a reputable company who have experience to offer certified quality UK manufactured products.

We recommend an amphoteric biocidal disinfectant. Our VIROKILL Super Concentrate has been specially formulated and conforms to BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 & BS EN 13697 for surface sanitising killing 99.99% of airborne bacteria and other harmful organisms.

It can be safely used in all application methods to disinfect all hard and soft surfaces including floors, desks, doors, telephone equipment, worktops, fridges, external computers, toilets, stairwells, most carpetscurtainsand soft furnishings.

VIROKILL Super Concentrate fogging machine liquid is recommended for use in chemical fogging machines. It is a very quick process to sanitises rooms and large open communal areas.

Q. How Safe Is Spraying Sanitiser Through Fogging Machinery?

A. You should use recommended PPE safety ware and follow user instructions. When you buy an APT fogger machine and Virokill starter pack you will be provided with full information pack along with an easy guide to fogging. You will also receive a full FREE PPE starter kit as part of your pack.

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Q. How Does Fogging Work?

A. Fogging machines spray controlled amounts of sanitising solution into the air, these float in the air for approximately 10 – 15 minutes and drop cover and disinfect all lower surfaces.

Q. Do I Have To Clean First Before Sanitising?

A. It is always recommended that you clean off and visible dirt’s, grime, greases or oily residues before sanitising.

Q. What Is The Difference Between Cleaning And Sanitising?

A. Sometimes referred to as single and two stage cleaning, cleaning is paramount as first stage to remove any surface debris, oils, greases, grime or food residues which can harbour harmful bacteria. This allows you to carry out effective sanitising to kill harmful virus or other organisms.

Q. What Are The Most Popular Fogging Machines?

A. The FO-500 is recommended for larger space cleaning and the EX2 is recommended for smaller spaces.

Fogging Machine Cleaning Can Be Used In the Following Organisations:

Disinfectant chemical fogging is quick, easy and highly effective. It can reach heights of up to 10 metres, meaning that even difficult to reach surfaces are also decontaminated in minutes. Conventional cleaning is not as effective as using fogging machine cleaning.

The disinfectant fogging machine is portable and easy to use either inside or out. It has a fine adjustable flow controller to ensure the accurate output is suited to all rooms and spaces. It can cover large areas in a very short space of time.