Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes – Medical Grade

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APT’s Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes – Sani Wipes are superior medical grade 70% alcohol wipes, used in the medical industry to kill bacteria and viruses. Our cleaning wipes are essential for the working of many organisations including the NHS.

  • Approved to British StandardsEN 1276, EN 14776, EN 1500 & EN 1650
  • Kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, germs & viruses
  • Paraben, lint, SLS & SLES free
  • Contains skin conditioners – Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
  • pH balanced
  • Dermatologically tested for skin compatibility


Sizes: 12 x 200 wipes pack

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200 pack, 12 x 200 pack of wipes

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200 pack, 12 x 200 pack of wipes


Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes – Instant Sanitisation for Hands and Surfaces

Viruses and bacteria can persist on various surfaces, such as countertops, bottles, containers, and doorknobs, for extended periods. The survival time depends on the material of the surface, ranging from a few hours to several days. In light of this, sanitizing surfaces and items before use is crucial, especially in today’s circumstances.

APT’s 70% Alcohol Sanitizing Surface & Hand Wipes

APT introduces 70% Alcohol Sanitizing Surface & Hand Wipes, meticulously formulated to swiftly eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria with a single use. These antibacterial wipes, paraben-free and fast-drying, act as broad-spectrum bactericides, minimizing the risk of diseases and cross-contamination. Available in a bulk package of 200 wipes, they are suitable for both commercial and personal use.

  • Full Certification to British Standards – EN1276, EN14776, EN1500, EN1650
  • Dual Purpose: For Hands and Surface Disinfection
  • Resealable Lid: Prevents Drying Out
  • Triple Wall Packaging: Ensures Wipe Integrity
  • Safe on all Surfaces
  • Large Size: 16cm X 18cm

Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes – Versatile Sanitization for Hands and Surfaces

For Surfaces: Use Sani Wipes as your go-to sanitizing antibacterial wipes for various surfaces. Whether you need to disinfect kitchen countertops or sanitize a recently purchased water bottle, these wipes provide a quick and effective solution.

For Professional Use: In clinical or office settings, use these sanitizing wipes on all hard surfaces, including hospital beds, examination tables, and surgical equipment that require thorough cleaning and sterilization. The wipes are also ideal for disinfecting door handles, desks, and seats in office spaces.

For Private Use: Safely disinfect products, phones, keyboards, kitchen surfaces, tables, and appliances using Sani Sanitizing Wipes, leaving areas sanitized and clean.

For Hands: In situations where access to water and soap is limited, such as medical emergencies, construction or demolition sites, or outdoor activities like hiking, Sani Wipes, with 70% alcohol content, are perfect for hand sanitation.

The wipes are infused with emollients to moisturize and condition the skin, leaving a refreshing feel while ensuring clinically clean hands. Fast-drying and efficient, these hand sanitizing wipes are a seamless solution for both home and workplace use.

The Best 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes: These waterless, fast-drying antibacterial alcohol wipes developed for dual-purpose hand and surface cleaning effectively remove bacteria and viruses, oils and fats, grease and grime, general dirt, some inks, food residues, and even blood. Trust APT’s isopropyl alcohol wipes for reliable and convenient sanitisation.


How Can I Clean And Sanitise An Examination Table?

For cleaning surfaces rub the wipe in small, circular motions until the soiling is removed. The alcohol will evaporate in seconds, leaving a clean, dry and disinfected surface. Sani Wipes are also known as isopropyl alcohol wipes.

Keep The Alcohol Surface Wipes Moist

Close the pop-up dispenser immediately after use to maintain an airtight seal, preventing evaporation of the alcohol from the wipes.

15 reviews for Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes – Medical Grade

  1. aptcommercialchemicals

    Don’t waste your time searching round for products, just buy from APT. We have been doing that for years and find them to be the best & most reliable on delivery times. Brilliant isopropyl alcohol wipes.

  2. aptcommercialchemicals

    Really liked that these isopropyl alcohol wipes are made in the UK as we have seen some horror stories. APT have supported us through the years with brilliant products and these alcohol wipes are no exception.

  3. aptcommercialchemicals

    Brilliant customer service from Ria once again. APT really know their stuff and always recommend quality products that are made in the UK!

  4. aptcommercialchemicals

    APT have come up trumps once again with these isopropyl alcohol wipes!

  5. aptcommercialchemicals

    Absolute bargain for these genuine isopropyl alcohol wipes. We have bought loads for our nursing home! The wipes are really large and have lots of liquid on. Really pleased with these alcohol wipes.

  6. Guest

    Love these! I work in healthcare and use them in work and also at home. They’re brilliant and I keep repurchasing.

  7. Guest

    This product is actually used by the NHS for cleaning mattresses and pillows as well as surfaces to prevent the spread of infection. Ideal for any surface and hands.

  8. Guest

    Fast delivery, very durable, does the job brilliantly, I would use this again.

  9. Guest

    The thickness is crazy and the amount of liquid one wipe has in it, one can literally be assured about hygiene when wiping anything. I have OCD so I use a lot of wipes a day, especially with deliveries that come. It’s very reassuring using this compared to any anti-bacterial wipes.

  10. Guest

    Good and safe enough to use in hospitals and safe enough for home use.

  11. Guest

    These wipes are brilliant. They are really moist and bigger than loads other wipes. Use them for my cpap machine and face mask. Bought another five packets, great price now. We use in the shop on all surfaces and have for clients too!

  12. Guest

    Alcohol based, hospital standard wipes. Easy to dispense container. Decent size wipe. Essential for wiping all surfaces to disinfect

  13. Guest

    I have been using these wipes on door handles, light switches and hand rails. They have been very useful because of all the winter bugs. Hopefully they have stopped the spread. They a great consistency.

  14. Guest

    As wipes go these are the cream of the crop. Used in hospitals throughout the world. Very handy, incredibly durable and large. Scent is medical, as one would expect. If ever anyone is ill in our house these wipes are the go to.

  15. Guest

    Doesn’t damage the surface, my clients and I feel safe and protected

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