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APT’s Spotless is one of the best washing up liquids on the market. It’s a super concentrated commercial detergent with an advanced blend of surfactants. Used by commercial kitchens at Hovis, Roha, Trigon, Travelodge & many more.

  • Rapidly cuts through grease, oil and food residues to leave your crockery and glassware sparkling clean
  • A natural lemon fragrance for added freshness
  • Highly effective economical dishwashing detergent
  • Made in the UK
  • 5L bottle + water = 5000L of Spotluss

£0.01 per litre when diluted

Sizes: 12 x 1 litre | 2 x 5 litres | 4 x 5 litres

from £53.48£33.20

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1 x 5 litres (5 litres), 12 x 1 litre (12 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)

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1 x 5 litres (5 litres), 12 x 1 litre (12 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)


Spotluss: The Ultimate Washing Up Liquid for Efficient Cleaning

Super-Concentrated and Highly Effective

Spotluss is the ideal washing up liquid for dishes and all other cleaning applications, offering superior performance and exceptional value. With its highly concentrated formula, it effectively cuts through grease and dirt, leaving crockery, glassware, and cutlery spotlessly clean. This bulk buy option is available in a convenient 5-litre size, making it an economical choice for commercial use.

Trusted Expertise in Cleaning Solutions

With over thirty years of experience, APT is a trusted provider of expert advice and high-quality cleaning and disinfecting products to industries and commercial enterprises. They have built a strong reputation as suppliers to professional organizations throughout the UK, offering a wide range of products for safe infection control, commercial cleaning, industrial chemicals, and more.

Specially Formulated for Outstanding Results

Spotluss is a specially formulated commercial dishwashing detergent designed to tackle tough grease and dirt with rapid efficiency. It ensures spotless cleaning of crockery, glassware, and cutlery, as well as various surfaces, including cloth, upholstery, and alkaline-sensitive materials. The detergent can be easily diluted according to specific cleaning needs and is suitable for use with warm or cold water.

Environmentally Friendly and Phosphate Free

Spotluss is committed to environmental sustainability. It is fully biodegradable and phosphate-free, making it a responsible choice for conscious cleaning. By avoiding the use of phosphates, which contribute to water pollution and algae growth, Spotluss helps protect the aquatic ecosystem and maintains the oxygen supply for aquatic life.

Benefits of Using Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable products, like Spotluss, are capable of breaking down into harmless substances through natural processes. This decomposition is carried out by living organisms or bacteria, resulting in the conversion of the product into organic material, carbon dioxide, or water vapour. By choosing biodegradable cleaning solutions, you contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

Versatile Applications

Spotluss is not only an excellent washing up liquid but also a versatile cleaner for various surfaces. It effectively removes all types of food residues, including grease, oils, and stubborn baked-in dirt.

Whether it’s delicate glassware or heavy-duty pots and baking pans, Spotluss is suitable for all kitchenware. It can also be used as a general cleaner for worktops, vinyl, upholstery, and as a light-duty hand wash for other types of cloth. Additionally, it is a safe replacement for alkaline cleaners on walls and floors.

Choose Spotluss for Superior Cleaning

APT’s Spotluss is widely recognised as one of the best washing up liquids on the market. Trusted by commercial kitchens at Hovis, Roha, Trigon, Travelodge & many more., it delivers exceptional results and exceeds expectations. With its advanced blend of surfactants, Spotluss rapidly cuts through grease, oil, and food residues, leaving your crockery and glassware sparkling clean. The natural lemon fragrance adds a refreshing touch to your cleaning experience. Made in the UK, Spotluss guarantees quality and effectiveness.

Cost-Effective and Dilutable

Benefit from the highly concentrated nature of Spotluss. A 5L bottle, when diluted with water, provides an impressive 5000L of cleaning solution. This ensures significant cost savings without compromising on performance, making it an economical choice for your cleaning needs. At just £0.01 per liter when diluted, Spotluss offers outstanding value for money.

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  • Highly concentrated – economical in use so you will save on buying admin costs as less frequent ordering will be required
  • Powerful surfactant blend – ensures excellent wetting and emulsification for efficient and thorough removal of grease and other residues
  • No dyes or perfumes, non-toxic – safe for use in the catering industry

How to use?
Heavy food build-up should first be removed from glassware, crockery, and cutlery. The next step is to place the water in the sink or wash basin to be used and the recommended amount of washing up liquid should be added.

Glassware should be washed first, and then the heavier soiled items should be allowed to soak for a few seconds before rubbing their surface with a cloth. Once they are clean, they should be rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry. Spotless in a few minutes with Spotluss!

Dilution Rates

  • As a washing up liquid – one part of Spotluss can be diluted with between 750 – 1000 parts of cold or warm water.
  • As a general cleaner: one part of Spotluss to 300 parts of warm water or cold water.


Is dish soap washing up liquid?

Dish soap and washing up liquid are generally the same thing. Often, washing up liquid contains a blend of chemical ingredients that are used to cut through grease, oil, and food residues to leave your crockery, glassware and cutlery sparkling clean. APT’s Spotluss is one of the best, most effective washing up liquids available on the market.

This super concentrated commercial dishwashing detergent cuts through grease and dirt rapidly and can be used for cleaning all types of surfaces, including cloth, upholstery and surfaces that can be damaged by alkaline detergents. Spotluss is designed to be diluted according to its desired use and can be used with warm or cold water.

What is in washing up liquid?

APT’s Spotluss washing up liquid is a super concentrated blend of detergents with an advanced blend of surfactants, containing a natural lemon fragrance for added freshness. Unlike many other dishwasher detergents that contain phosphates, APT’s Spotluss is phosphate free. Phosphates are used in washing products because they help soften the water by preventing the calcium and magnesium ions in tap water from binding with surfactants, in turn making the molecules more slippery.

The reason our products do not contain phosphates is because they cause nutrient pollution to the water supply as they are not biodegradable, and lead to exponential algae growth, posing a huge problem for aquatic life. All our products are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Does washing up liquid kill bacteria?

We cannot vouch or provide advice on other companies washing up liquids, however, our products have been specially designed to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses, whilst being safe to use and effective in cleaning all crockery, glassware, and cutlery. Spotluss is a highly concentrated commercial dishwashing detergent that rapidly cut through grease, oil and, dirt rapidly.

This is the best washing up liquid bulk-buy that is available in a washing up liquid 5 litre and washing up liquid refill, diluted to make 750 litres of product. Spotluss glass and washing up liquid is environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and phosphate free.

Is washing up liquid toxic?

APT’s Spotluss washing up liquid is not a toxic product. Spotluss is a safe to use blend of specially formed surfactants that rapidly cut through grease, oil and, food residues to leave your crockery, glassware and cutlery sparkling clean and smear free. With natural lemon fragrance for added freshness, Spotluss does not contain any nasty added ingredients that could be toxic to the individuals using the product, harmful to your crockery or harmful to the environment.

Spotluss is a versatile, highly effective, economical dishwashing detergent that will save you using several products for the same job and saving you considerable amounts of money when it comes to your cleaning budget.

Can you put washing up liquid in a washing machine?

We do not recommend using washing up liquid in your washing machine as the product has not been designed for use in a washing machine and the foaming values are different. Spotluss is one of the best washing up liquids on the market. This super concentrated commercial detergent contains an advanced blend of surfactants.

Spotluss rapidly cuts through grease, oil, and food residues to leave your crockery, glassware and cutlery sparkling clean and smear free. This highly effective economical dishwashing detergent should be used within a dishwasher and also can be used to clean all other kitchen surfaces, walls and floors.

20 reviews for Washing Up Liquid – Spotluss

  1. riasmith123

    APT’s Spotless is a must-have for anyone who takes dishwashing seriously. Its advanced blend of surfactants makes quick work of grease and food residues. The economical usage is a plus, and the natural lemon fragrance adds a delightful twist to the cleaning process. I won’t use anything else!

  2. riasmith123

    Having used Spotless, I understand why even Travelodge relies on it. The concentrated formula works like magic, effortlessly removing grease and leaving my dishes spotless. The natural lemon fragrance adds a touch of luxury to my everyday dishwashing routine.

  3. riasmith123

    I’m a stickler for clean dishes, and APT’s Spotless is my secret weapon. This washing up liquid is highly effective, and the fact that it’s used by reputable establishments like Roha speaks volumes. The natural lemon fragrance is a pleasant surprise, making my kitchen smell fresh after every wash.

  4. riasmith123

    Spotless has transformed my dishwashing routine. The powerful blend of surfactants is evident as it effortlessly eliminates grease and oil. I love the natural lemon fragrance that lingers on my dishes. Knowing it’s trusted by places like Trigon gives me confidence in its performance.

  5. riasmith123

    After discovering that Spotless is used in commercial kitchens like Hovis, I had to try it. The results are outstanding! It effortlessly cleans even the toughest stains, and the natural lemon fragrance leaves a fresh scent. APT’s Spotless truly lives up to its name.

  6. riasmith123

    As a chef, I need a washing up liquid that can handle the aftermath of a busy kitchen. Spotless by APT never disappoints. Its concentrated formula rapidly dissolves grease and leaves my utensils gleaming. The natural lemon fragrance is a welcome bonus, making dishwashing a more enjoyable task.

  7. riasmith123

    Spotless is not just a washing up liquid; it’s an economic powerhouse. A little goes a long way, making it a cost-effective choice for daily use. The lemon fragrance is a lovely touch, creating a pleasant ambiance while I tackle the dirty dishes. Proud to support a quality UK-made product!

  8. riasmith123

    APT’s Spotless has become an indispensable part of my kitchen. The advanced surfactants work wonders in cutting through grime and leaving my dishes sparkling clean. The fact that it’s used by big names like Hovis and Travelodge speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Definitely worth the investment!

  9. riasmith123

    I manage a small restaurant, and Spotless is our go-to washing up liquid. It’s a commercial-grade detergent that swiftly tackles the toughest grease and oil on our kitchenware. The economical usage is a lifesaver for our budget, and the natural lemon scent adds a refreshing note to our dishwashing routine.

  10. riasmith123

    APT’s Spotless washing up liquid is a game-changer! The concentrated formula effortlessly eradicates grease and food residues, leaving my dishes and glassware spotless. The lemon fragrance is a delightful touch, making the washing-up experience almost pleasant. Highly recommended for its superb cleaning prowess!

  11. Guest

    The best washing up liquid on the market nowadays. Leaves all my dishes sparkling and that is hard to do as most of the washing up liquids that I have used have al2ways left marks and have not thoroughly cleaned them. This is a miracle worker I swear by Spoluss. APT you’re too good to be true

  12. Guest

    This keeps washing up so much easier in my canteen. Spotluss is a miracle worker. Cheers APT

  13. Guest

    Leaves my dishes smelling and looking so clean. i love Spotluss so much

  14. Guest

    Our hotel kitchen staff is very impressed how Spotluss is easy to use and also removes grease from our dishes. Thank you APT.

  15. Guest

    We use Spotluss not only to hand wash dishes but also other cleaning tasks such as the hard surfaces and also reducing our spending costs at the same time.

  16. Guest

    Using this product not only removes food residues from our plates and cups but also leaves a lovely lemon smell. Definitely recommend APT’s Spotluss to other cafes.

  17. Guest

    A simple to use product which removes grease rapidly from dishes leaving a sparkling finish

  18. Guest

    We find Spotluss easy to use, affordable with great results

  19. aptcommercialchemicals

    continued repurchase after being so impressed with the results

  20. aptcommercialchemicals

    great stuff

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