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APT’s Anti-Graffiti Spray Paint Remover is an easy to use, one coat solution that protects against future graffiti attacks. This fast drying formula resists spray paints, inks, markers and fly posters. Used in projects for RAF, Newport City Homes, Travelodge, JLL & many more.

  • Wash off with water and mild cleanser
  • Safe to use – solvent-free & eco-friendly
  • Economical – 5 litres covers 47m2
  • Made in the UK


Sizes: 2 x 5 litres | 4 x 5 litres

for 2 x 5L

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2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)

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2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)


Professional Anti-Graffiti Coating: Your One-Stop Solution

Graffiti removal can be a significant headache for councils and owners of public buildings, causing substantial costs with each attack. If you’ve faced this issue, you understand the frustration. That’s why we, at APT, collaborated with our chemists to create the perfect answer for you – an ‘One Coat’ simple solution. With our specially designed SAFE anti-graffiti paint, you can protect your property against further attacks and enjoy excellent, long-term protection against graffiti, marker vandalism, and pesky fly-posting. In fact, our education clients find it so easy to use that caretakers can handle the job themselves.

Resistance and Easy Removal

Our Anti-Graffiti Coating is specially formulated to resist most spray paints, inks, markers, and posters. Any future graffiti attacks can be effortlessly removed with warm water and our mild Citra Cleanse detergent – it’s that simple. The translucent anti-graffiti coating system is perfect for a wide range of rough or smooth finishes, preserving the appearance and aesthetics of the underlying surface.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Each liter covers up to 9.4m2, saving you time and money.
  • Only one coat is needed, drying in 60 minutes and fully cured within 24 hours.
  • Dries to a clear, weatherproof film.
  • Safe with a solvent-free formulation, gentle on the environment and users.
  • Short drying times provide rapid, long-term protection against graffiti.
  • Easy application requires no special training or equipment.
  • Protects a wide range of surfaces.
  • Ensures easy wash-off from future attacks.


APT’s Anti-Graffiti products are fast-drying protective coatings ideal for porous surfaces such as brick, painted brick, masonry, stone, concrete, and even wood. These coatings have been widely used across the UK on bridges, highway structures, subways, toilet blocks, railways, shops, and even historic listed buildings. With APT’s Anti-Graffiti Spray Paint Remover, a user-friendly, one-coat solution, you can protect your surfaces from future graffiti attacks effectively.

Trusted by Prominent Clients

Our fast-drying formula, resistant to spray paints, inks, markers, and fly posters, has earned the trust of esteemed clients such as RAF, Newport City Homes, Travelodge, JLL, and more.

Eco-friendly and Economical

Our Anti-Graffiti Spray Paint Remover is safe to use, being solvent-free and eco-friendly. With 5 litres covering an impressive 47m2, it proves to be a highly economical solution for your graffiti protection needs.

Experience the Ease and Effectiveness

Choose APT’s Anti-Graffiti Spray Paint Remover and experience the ease and effectiveness of our one-coat solution. Wash off graffiti with water and mild cleanser, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with protecting your property. Trust in our made-in-the-UK solution and keep your surfaces graffiti-free for the long term.




What is Anti-Graffiti Paint?

Anti-graffiti paint is a powerful solution designed to protect your property against graffiti attacks. It offers an easy-to-use, one-coat application that saves both time and money while providing long-term protection. Resistant to most spray paints, inks, markers, and posters, any graffiti attack can be easily removed by washing with warm water and mild Citra Cleanse detergent. The unique translucent anti-graffiti coating system works effectively on a wide range of rough or smooth surfaces, maintaining the appearance and aesthetics of the underlying surface.

Does Anti-Graffiti Paint Work?

Many anti-graffiti paints on the market prove ineffective, failing to protect residential or commercial spaces from graffiti attacks. However, APT’s anti-graffiti paint is a reliable and popular product trusted across various industries. It actively guards against further graffiti attacks, making it a top choice for bridges, highway structures, subways, toilet blocks, railways, shops, and even historic listed buildings.

How to Paint Over Anti-Graffiti Paint?

While most anti-graffiti paints are challenging to paint over, APT’s unique translucent anti-graffiti coating system allows for easier application. This system effectively removes graffiti from a wide range of rough or smooth surfaces, preserving the appearance and aesthetics of the underlying material.

How to Remove Anti-Graffiti Paint?

When using APT’s Anti-Graffiti Paint, removal is not necessary, as it serves as a long-term protective solution. The paint works within just one coat, drying in 60 minutes and fully curing within 24 hours. It forms a clear, weather-proof film that is safe, solvent-free and environmentally friendly. With its rapid drying time, the paint provides quick and effective protection against graffiti attacks. Application is easy, requiring no special training or equipment, and 5 litres can cover an impressive 47 square metres of surface area.

Which is the Best Anti-Graffiti Paint?

APT’s Anti-Graffiti Paint undoubtedly stands as the best choice available on the market. Highly recommended by numerous customers, it excels in protecting residential, commercial, and industrial surfaces. The product’s effectiveness is proven, making it an essential solution for countering the nuisance of graffiti. Trust in APT’s Professional Anti-Graffiti Coating to safeguard your property against graffiti attacks, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

13 reviews for Anti Graffiti Spray Paint Remover

  1. aptcommercialchemicals

    Love that this is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Works well for us as we’re aiming to be more sustainable as a business.

  2. aptcommercialchemicals

    The team at APT really know their stuff. They have been supporting us with several graffiti removal and anti graffiti products. Thanks to the team at APT!

  3. aptcommercialchemicals

    Easy to apply and works really well. Used this to add protective coating to the outside of our rental properties. Applied as per the instructions, dries very quickly and looks even with good anti graffiti protection.

  4. aptcommercialchemicals

    This anti graffiti coating is great value for money, a little goes a long way!

  5. aptcommercialchemicals

    APT products are second to none, we have relied on their expertise for years.

  6. aptcommercialchemicals

    Really impressed with this anti graffiti coating. Cheers to Ria for another great recommendation.

  7. aptcommercialchemicals

    Excellent anti graffiti coating product that we have used for several of our facilities to mitigate graffiti.

  8. aptcommercialchemicals

    After a good chat with Cath, she recommended this anti graffiti coating on the walls to ensure that we didn’t have any more graffiti paint. Thanks Cath, we’re really pleased this the look of this!

  9. aptcommercialchemicals

    Our shop in Ebbw Vale has often been victim to graffiti. We used APT’s graffiti removal products to remove the graffiti. We have then used this anti graffiti coating to stop potential graffiti and we haven’t received anything since!

  10. aptcommercialchemicals

    Use on our rental properties and haven’t had a problem since

  11. aptcommercialchemicals

    We haven’t had any graffiti since so must be working!

  12. aptcommercialchemicals

    Works well and simple for our staff to use effectively

  13. aptcommercialchemicals

    Easy to use and works quickly

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