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APT’s Antifoam is a highly effective, fast acting antifoam agent.


Sizes: 2 x 5 litres | 4 x 5 litres | 25 litres

£48.79 for 2 x 5L

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1 x 25 litres (25 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)

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1 x 25 litres (25 litres), 2 x 5 litres (10 litres), 4 x 5 litres (20 litres)


APT’s Defoamer: The Solution to Foam-related Challenges in Industrial Processes

APT’s Defoamer is a highly effective anti-foaming agent specifically designed to tackle the problems caused by foam in industrial processes involving aqueous solutions. Foam can lead to a range of issues, from reduced efficiency of circulating pumps to lower productivity, creating headaches for both workers and line managers.

Trusted Nationwide by Leading Companies

Companies across the nation, including esteemed organisations like TATA Steel, RAF, BAE Systems, and more, rely on APT’s Defoamer to combat foam-related challenges.

Our product is trusted for its exceptional performance and ability to prevent the formation of foam, ensuring smoother and more efficient operations. When your line manager wants an update on production, you can rest assured that you won’t be caught in a lather.

Defoamer and Foam Breaker in One

If an unwanted foam has already formed, our anti-foaming agent acts as a defoamer, effectively breaking down the foam. With APT’s Defoamer, you have a versatile solution that prevents foam formation and addresses existing foam-related issues.

This all-in-one functionality streamlines your processes and reduces administrative and storage costs in one fell swoop.

Made in the UK and Nationwide Shipping

APT’s Defoamer is proudly made in the UK, ensuring the highest quality and adherence to industry standards. We offer nationwide shipping, with next-day delivery available, allowing you to receive the product promptly and minimise any delays in tackling foam-related challenges.

Trust APT’s Defoamer, trusted by industry leaders like TATA Steel, RAF, BAE Systems, and more, to eliminate foam-related problems, optimise your industrial processes, and keep operations running smoothly.




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What is antifoam agent?

APT’s antifoam is a highly effective, fast acting antifoaming agent. This is a silicone based defoaming liquid that can be added to solution tanks to prevent foam build up and break foam that has already been formed.

During industrial processes, when foam is created during an aqueous solution, it can cause several problems ranging from reduced efficiency of the circulating pump through to lower productivity.

APT’s antifoaming agent can be added to a solution to prevent foaming beforehand, or it can be used once foam has formed. This is the only product required for reducing and removing foam when it forms.

How do antifoam agents work?

APT’s antifoaming solution is a highly effective, fast acting chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids, stopping problems occurring on the production line and ensuring that the efficiency remains high. APT’s silicone based defoamer and antifoaming agent works in two ways, which we will break down below:

  • Antifoam can be used to remove foam when it has developed and built up. This silicone based defoaming solution liquid can break up foam that has already been formed
  • Antifoam liquid can be added to a solution to prevent foam foaming in the first place or preventing the formation of further foam

How to use antifoam?

APT’s antifoam can be used to either remove foam once it has been formed in industrial processing liquids. When foam is created during an industrial process involving an aqueous solution it causes a lot of problems ranging from reduced efficiency of the circulating pump through to lower productivity.

APT have formulated an anti-foaming agent that can be added to a solution to prevent foam forming in the first place. If an unwanted foam has formed, you can add our anti foaming agent to break the foam – it is also a defoamer. So, you only need the one product, reducing admin and storage costs in one fell swoop.

Are all antifoams safe?

Not all antifoaming liquids and sprays are safe, when purchasing antifoaming solution, ensure that you’re using a reputable company and an antifoaming liquid or spray that has been recommended and is compatible with the process it is being used for. When choosing your antifoaming solution, some questions you may want to ask are:

  • Is the antifoam / defoamer compatible with the process?
  • Will the antifoam / defoamer cause deposit issues?
  • Will the antifoam / defoamer negatively effect the catalyst being used?
  • Is the antifoam / defoamer composition effective for my application?

When it comes to selecting the right antifoam for your project or task, read more about our antifoamers or reach out to our team.

19 reviews for Antifoam

  1. aptcommercialchemicals

    The fact that APT’s Defoamer is trusted by leading companies like TATA Steel and BAE Systems speaks volumes about its effectiveness. It’s a product you can rely on for all your foam-related needs.

  2. aptcommercialchemicals

    APT’s Antifoam is a must-have for any industrial process dealing with foam challenges. It has made our operations more efficient and cost-effective. We couldn’t be happier!

  3. aptcommercialchemicals

    Our experience with APT’s Defoamer has been fantastic. It’s a versatile solution that not only prevents foam but also deals with it if it forms unexpectedly. Highly recommended!

  4. aptcommercialchemicals

    We’ve tried various antifoam agents, but APT’s Antifoam is by far the best. It’s fast-acting and incredibly effective. Our production has never been smoother.

  5. aptcommercialchemicals

    Quality matters, and APT’s Defoamer delivers on all fronts. It’s made in the UK, ensuring top-notch quality, and the nationwide shipping option ensures we never run out of this essential product.

  6. aptcommercialchemicals

    Thanks to APT’s Defoamer, our foam problems are a thing of the past. It not only prevents foam formation but also breaks down existing foam quickly. It’s a game-changer!

  7. aptcommercialchemicals

    We’ve been using APT’s Antifoam for years, and it’s an indispensable part of our production line. It keeps our processes running smoothly and efficiently.

  8. aptcommercialchemicals

    If you want to tackle foam-related challenges effectively, look no further than APT’s Defoamer. It’s a reliable product trusted by industry leaders for good reason.

  9. aptcommercialchemicals

    I’m impressed by the performance of APT’s Defoamer. Foam-related issues used to cause delays, but not anymore. This product has simplified our processes.

  10. aptcommercialchemicals

    As a company that deals with aqueous solutions, foam was a constant headache. APT’s Defoamer has been a lifesaver for us. Our pumps are now running more efficiently than ever.

  11. aptcommercialchemicals

    We rely on APT’s Defoamer to keep our production running smoothly, and it has never let us down. It’s a trusted solution that does exactly what it promises.

  12. aptcommercialchemicals

    I can’t say enough good things about APT’s Antifoam. It has significantly improved the efficiency of our operations, and the fact that it’s made in the UK is a bonus. Top-notch quality. Cheers Ria!

  13. aptcommercialchemicals

    We were facing constant foam-related challenges until we started using APT’s Antifoam. It’s like a magic potion for eliminating foam in our industrial processes. Great product!

  14. aptcommercialchemicals

    This silicone-based defoamer is a game-changer. APT’s Antifoam is incredibly effective and fast-acting. It has become an essential part of our manufacturing process.

  15. aptcommercialchemicals

    I’ve been using APT’s Antifoam for a while now, and it’s simply fantastic! It does an excellent job of preventing foam buildup in our industrial processes. Highly recommended!

  16. aptcommercialchemicals

    So glad we moved over to APT’s antifoaming liquid, we have been using inferior products for years.

  17. aptcommercialchemicals

    Thanks Cath for a great suggestion this antifoam product has been exactly what we need.

  18. aptcommercialchemicals

    This is a brilliant antifoaming agent. As a manufacturer we rely on this product regularly.

  19. Guest

    Highly recommend this product!

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